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It’s Festival Season!

With warm weather come those highly anticipated music festivals that we all can’t wait to attend. The festivals seem to have their own culture of dress and fashion that everybody loves to interpret and imitate in their own way. With a few key pieces, you’re on your way to dressing like the numerous celebrities at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and more!  These festivals are known to bring out a fashionistas 70s flair that’s fun to incorporate into your daily look.

One of the Coachella fashion essentials is great accessories such as floppy hats and cool shades. These pieces not only add flair but provide sun protection during the long day outside. 

As for outfit inspirations, the more relaxed, the better! Flowy graphic tees paired with distressed denim cutoffs or cream colored crochet shorts is comfy chic. Quirky and bright floral prints mirror the good vibes of the festivals and look beautifully bohemian. 

Who says boots and scarves are solely for winter seasons? Granted, you don’t want to wear furry boots or a woolen scarf in the middle of summer, but a light, brightly printed scarf dresses up a casual outfit and boots are comfy enough to spend the day in without killing your feet!  These boots come in plain leather, or with wild accessories, such as fringe, studs, straps, and embroidery. Since most of these booties are in neutral hues, they will seamlessly blend to any festival outfit.

Although you may not be attending a musical event this year, bring some festival flair to the ATL!

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