An Insider's Guide to Atlanta Music Festivals

As students at Emory University, we're located in the middle of one of the most musical cities in the world: Atlanta, Georgia. From production to performance, incredible music is always accessible and available at our fingertips. Now the question: Where to look? Start by checking out these eight awesome music venues. 

1. The Tabernacle


The Tabernacle can hold up to 2,600 people with an intimate general admission section on the floor and ticketed seats on the balcony. The Tabernacle functions not only as a typical venue, but also as an active listening space. There are no wings on the side of the stage for the artists to tune their instruments, so performers at The Tabernacle tune on stage amongst their audience. Ultimately, The Tabernacle provides a personal, music-listening experience. 

2. Eddie's Attic


Founded in 1992 by Eddie Owen, Eddie’s Attic is a music club for local and national musical talent looking to start their careers, and popular musicians who commonly got their start in the Atlanta area. The venue has a capacity of 165 people and is filled with seats at tables and bars with a small stage in the corner. Though often overlooked due to its obscure location off of the alley, Eddie’s Way, and its listing as a restaurant, Eddie’s Attic is the true music fan’s dream venue. To contribute to the music-listening experience, Eddie’s Attic encourages no cellphone usage. The attitude of the venue is very simple, casual, and purely in pursuit of supporting a love of music.

3. The Masquerade


The Masquerade is a medium sized music venue with both indoor stages (named Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell) and outdoor performance spaces. The music is mainly Alternative, Indie Rock, Metal, Punk Rock, and Electronic. It was recently relocated to West Midtown. 

4. Terminal West


Originally built as a foundry in West Atlanta, Terminal West is a medium sized venue with a bar and a restaurant. Terminal West is noteworthy for its lighting and sound powers and its outdoor roof deck that looks over historic train tracks. 

5. Variety Playhouse


Converted movie theater turned intimate music venue, Variety Playhouse is located in Little Five Points. It features a range of genres including Rock, Indie, Electronic, Funk, Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, and Blues. 

6. The Fox Theatre


Originally constructed as a movie theater, The Fox Theatre is a performing arts venue in Midtown that often features concerts and other musical performances.

7. Philips Arena / Georgia Dome


Philips Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena. The stadium hosts the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) and the Atlanta Dream (WNBA). Philips Arena is known for being amongst the most active arenas for concerts worldwide. 

8. The EARL


The EARL is a well-known alternative music venue in East Atlanta. The venue features great music, food, and booze. The EARL has hosted huge musical acts from Death Cab for Cutie to The Avett Brothers. 

Though this is not a complete list (as it excludes some really fantastic but more low key venues such as The Drunken Unicorn and Dark Horse Tavern), I hope this list inspires Emory music fans to check out upcoming musical performances in Atlanta.