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An Insider’s Perspective: Best Food to Check Out in Decatur

As someone who has lived in Decatur for over 17 years, I’ve explored all of the restaurants we have around here. Naturally, I love taking my friends from Emory out into Decatur and introducing them to all kinds of different restaurants. Everyone knows Atlanta is a foodie’s heaven, so I’ve put together a list of recommendations for just about every craving and occasion. Decatur is just a short Uber ride away—get several of your friends together and explore some of these restaurants!

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Butter & Cream

Recommended flavor: Espresso


Butter & Cream is a fairly new ice cream shop in Decatur where all the ice cream is made in house. Not only do they have traditional ice cream flavors like chocolate and strawberry, but they also have original ice cream sandwich flavors, such as Butterscotch Brownie and Ricotta Honey Pistachio. Since Decatur is small, most of the restaurants are within walking distance of each other. After checking out one of the restaurants on the square, skip dessert at dinner and take a nice walk over to Butter & Cream for ice cream you won’t be able to stop talking about.

For the Best Homemade Donuts in Atlanta: Revolution Doughnuts

Recommended donut: Caramel Bacon


Revolution Doughnuts is a name that might be familiar to Emory students since it’s a regular at the Tuesday Farmers’ Market on the Cox Bridge. Revolution has more doughnut varieties than I realized existed and they’re all made daily and served fresh! Order a cup of coffee and a doughnut, sit outside the restaurant, and just enjoy the warm Atlanta weather.

To Eat Like a True Decatur Native: Taqueria del Sol

Recommended flavor: Nutty shrimp tacos (special) and queso


“Taq Tuesdays” are well known in Decatur. Taqueria is so popular that the line extending outside of the restaurant is not an unusual sight. Luckily though, the service is really efficient and you usually get your food within around 10 minutes of sitting down. The nutty shrimp tacos are a weekly special that everyone craves and counts down for. If they’re served when you stop by, be sure to order them!

For Homemade Gluten-Free Options: Good Karma

Recommended orders: Banana Bread or Monte Cristo


Good Karma has some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever met. The entire restaurant is gluten-free and they also have some great dairy-free and vegan options too. Their menu is constantly evolving as the chefs continue to experiment with new gluten-free recipes, so it’s worth taking a trip back to see what they’ve come up with. Good Karma is a great choice for breakfast or lunch! Make sure to check their Facebook page here to see what their daily specials are. 

For the Health Obsessed: Nectar

Recommended order: Nutella smoothie


Nectar is pretty well-known at Emory since their food truck is commonly seen around the freshman dorms. For the full experience though, you have to check out the actual restaurant for more options—the food truck just doesn’t do it justice. It has an extensive list of smoothies already there to choose from, but you can also mix and match a whole list of fruits, greens, and boosters to create an individualized smoothie.

For When Your Parents Come to Town: Ted’s Montana Grill

Recommended order: Filion Mignon


Ted’s is a classic choice in Decatur when you’re in search of a nice restaurant. It is a common choice for families after graduations and school events. Not only are the steaks to die for, but the baked sweet potato is so good it could count as a dessert. All burgers come with a bison option, which I’ve heard is really good! Also, make sure to order one of their milkshakes. They’re large enough for multiple people to share, they’re made fresh, and are super thick and creamy.

For a Great Cup of Joe: Dancing Goats

Recommended order: Cappuccino

Dancing Goats is the perfect place to spend several hours studying. It has the perfect coffee shop atmosphere: large cushy couches, personal tables, and indoor/outdoor seating. The staff is also really friendly and talkative. The great atmosphere and coffee will make studying and doing homework as painless as possible! Check it out in October during midterms once it gets a little colder out.

For Authentic Italian Cuisine: Sapori di Napoli

Recommended order: Frittatine Di Pasta or the Sapori Di Napoli Pizza


Sapori di Napoli has pasta that’s made in house daily and will make your mouth water. This lovely restaurant is perfect for a date night or even a fancy dinner just because! All of the savory options and authentic atmosphere will make you feel like you really are in Italy. Delizioso!

There’s so much to explore in the Atlanta food scene—this is just a sample of what Decatur has to offer! Besides, it’s also a great way to take a study break. Get eating, foodies!

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