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If Carrie Bradshaw Wrote Her Column for “The Emory Wheel”

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw arguably asked every question women in the 90s and early 2000s had about sex, love, relationships, and life in her newspaper column “Sex and the City.” This show is considered timeless because her questions, as absurd and dramatic as many of them were, are relatable even today. Yet, us Emory students are living a much different lifestyle than Carrie lived. While Carrie is meeting a Russian artist for dinner at 1 am, we are pulling all-nighters in the stacks. Carrie is living comfortably on a writer’s salary in a brownstone on the Upper East Side, and we are yelling at our roommate to take out the trash. Carrie is deciding whether to move to Paris, we are deciding whether to make eggs or cereal for dinner. I could go on, but you get the gist. I couldn’t help but wonder: what would Carrie Bradshaw’s column look like if she wrote it for the The Emory Wheel? Would she still ask the same ~profound~ questions, or would they look a little different? Let’s find out: 

Emory Wheel Version: “Can we take a Friday class and still go out Thursday nights?”

Emory Wheel Version: Why does my selfie camera always make me look worse than I actually do?

Emory Wheel Version: Is it a bad idea to start dating someone senior year? Is now a good time to post this Instagram?

Emory Wheel Version: Do I do B school even though I know I’ll hate it?

Emory Wheel Version: Do I stay with my boyfriend while I’m studying abroad?

Emory Wheel Version: Do frat guys only take freshmen to date parties? Am I washed up?

Emory Wheel Version: What am I going to do after I graduate???

Emory Wheel Version: Should I date in college?

Which questions do you prefer? (All images from BuzzFeed.)

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