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How to Use Facebook’s New Reactions

We, the Facebook generation, were in grave danger of forgetting our emotional capacities. Sensing this imminent threat, the creators of Facebook stepped forward, in a bold stance to protect all humanity. Perhaps they recognized their contribution to the problem? After all, societies opinions were fast approaching Facebook’s vocabulary. We just ‘liked’ everything.

And so, a mere few days ago, our feelings returned and we know how to react. That’s right, all six of them. With the ‘like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry’ re-entering us human beings, we were confused—almost like we’d forgotten how to use them. So fear not: here’s a guide to tell you how and when to use the appropriate feeling.


  1. The LOVE: Subtlety ain’t my suit

“You’re attractive, and I’m not subtle.” Desperately trying to win someone over? Is face-to-face love too hard? Once again, technology has spared you human connection. We also may find moms using the love button with an increasing frequency—because of course your mom loves everything you say.

  1. The HAHA: The Sympathy

Sure, a post may be funny. But more often than not, it’ll be a friend trying their best to be funny. So here’s to pity laughter, courtesy of Facebook. But on the bright side, when we binge watch cat/dog/baby videos, we now habe a more appropriate response than just a like. Because we more than just like it. We ‘Haha’ at it.


  1. The WOW: The Owen Wilson Tribute

“WOW, Trump might become President.” “WOW, so you’re saying that if only people took your advice, ISIS could be defeated?” “WOW, her? Really? Wow.” Very rarely is this going to be used for a non-sarcastic response. Make sure that when you speak it, you do it the way Owen Wilson does (as demonstrated here).


  1. The SAD: Unmet expectations

Ever click on an article, a picture, or one of those fun “know who you are” quizzes? Ever opened it and been incredibly disappointed? Well, here’s to expressing that disappointment. Because some things on Facebook just make us Sad, and finally, we get to express it.


  1. The ANGRY: The last straw

Sometimes, people tend to spam our Facebook accounts. We innocently go to bed, and wake up with 50 new notifications. And they’re all from your friend Jane, who’s posted yet another baby picture. Or, maybe, they’re from last night’s Maggie’s outing—which means these 50 notifications are just the start. Or, even worse, they’re from another friends post, which you had the lack of presence to comment on, and now you’re notified every single time someone else does too. Damn it, now I’m ANGRY.


Clearly, Facebook has helped diversify our emotional ranges. As Twitter user @JQuasto puts it, “Good thing that we have more Facebook reactions so we don’t have to focus on using pesky punctuations and a vocabulary.” And you know what, truer words have never been spoken.


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