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How to Make the Most of Family Weekend

With parents’ weekend fast approaching, I have compiled a list of the best things to do to optimize your experience. Below, you will find exactly which steps to take to make sure that it’s a family weekend for the books!

1. Walk the Beltline

Photo via Atlanta.net

Let’s be real, if your parents come for family weekend, and they don’t take a million pictures, did they even come? Capitalize on the warm Atlanta weather before fall is officially in full swing, take in the scenery, and walk the Beltline for the *perfect* family photoshoot backdrop. I recommend starting at Ponce City Market, grabbing a King of Pop’s popsicle, and walking either left for the “Best of Atlanta” wall, or right for a graffiti-style backdrop. 

2. Visit Ponce City Market

Photo via What Now Atlanta

If your family is anything like mine, agreeing on a restaurant is an ordeal, to say the least. Never fear! The almighty Ponce City Market is to the rescue! With a food hall filled with endless options for every ~food mood~ (re: tacos, ramen, fried chicken, salad, pizza, and more), this place will surely be a hit for the whole family. In addition to its fabulous food hall, there are lots of stores (Lulu and South Moon Under!!), in case you want to get your shop on while the ‘rents are in town. No need to worry about bored, complaining siblings, either! Head upstairs to Skyline Park and enjoy carnival style games and an 18-hole mini golf course!

3. Roam Around the Botanical Gardens

Photo via Wikimedia

Again, family photos are key! Head out to the Botanical Gardens to get some ~insta worthy~ pictures. You know that your parents want nothing more than to brag about you on Facebook, and this gives them the perfect photo-op to do so! Check out the “Scarecrows in the Garden” exhibit only available in the month of October, or compare the flowers in the various gardens. The gardens are a great way to show your family the city of Atlanta, while still being able to spend adequate bonding time with them. 

4. Have Dinner with your Friends

The only thing better than going to dinner with your friends, is going to dinner with your friends and their parents. Not to mention, it gives you a little more insight on why your friends are the way they are. For a festive meal, I suggest Eclipse di Luna. If you are going for a classic American vibe, Murphy’s and Houston’s are great options. For an upscale sushi experience, Umi is definitely the place to go. And, last but not least, if you are in the mood for rustic Italian, try Gio’s Chicken Almafitano. Run by the same owners as next-door-neighbor Antico, feel free to get a pizza to go and bring it over, as well test out the delicious gelato across the street!

5. Go Brunchin’ with your Parents

No matter how much fun you had at dinner, I definitely suggest making some time for one-on-one alone time with your family And, what is better than doing that over brunch! (This also maximizes your share of good food for the weekend… got to take advantage of those opportunities while your parents are still in town!) I suggest Folk Art, Sun in My Belly, or Ladybird. 

After an action-packed weekend like this, you will be glad they came, but even happier to see them go. Parent’s weekend is a great time to catch up and recoup with your fam, but we sure are glad it’s only a weekend long—just enough time to have fun, and not so much time that you will fight! With a great weekend like this, your parents will have enough material to stop pestering you about your grades, friends, and boys… well until Thanksgiving, at least.


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