How to Give Your Visitor the Ultimate Emory Experience

Whether trying to sell our school to a prospective student, or showing it off to a friend visiting from another school, there are some specific things that are unique to Emory. Below I have compiled a list of what to do in order to ensure your guest has the ultimate “Emory Experience.”

1.Go to Thaicoon for Dinner

Nothing says classic Emory dinner like Thaicoon. Whether in the mood for sushi or thai food, this restaurant has it all. Just a short distance from Emory makes this the perfect dinner spot for you and your friends.


2. After Dinner, Make a Pit Stop at Pitch and Putt

For all you over 21 gals, Pitch and Putt is the resident liquor store. This is a staple for the Emory community. It’s not uncommon to run into people you know here, so be on the lookout! Pro Tip: Try the drive-through for an even more epic experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


3. Go for a Hike in Lullwater

Being at a college in a city, it is a major perk to have a place to enjoy nature right in our backyard. Take your visitor for a nice hike and enjoy the Atlanta weather. There are many cool photo ops where you can look like you’re “one with nature”.

4.Order Goldberg’s Bagels

For all you New Yorkers, Goldberg’s is a little taste of home. These bagels are the ultimate source of replenishment after a long night out, curing any hangover no matter how strong.

5.Spend your night at Mags

Journey to Emory’s one and only neighborhood bar and grille. There, take your friend to meet the famous Rick. They’ll finally understand what you mean by “Mag’s hair” and “Mag’s clothes” after hearing all those complaints about the mixed smell of cigarettes and alcohol.

6. Go to Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market is like the Chelsea Market of Atlanta. Housed in what used to be a Sears warehouse, this space offers the perfect combination of outdoors and indoors. There are numerous restaurants to choose from, varying from sit-down to café style, as well as lots of shops to pass the time.

7. After Ponce, walk the Beltline

Straight from Ponce City Market is an entrance to the Beltline. The Beltline stretches across the city, housing multiple trails and parks. This is the perfect place to take in the nice Atlanta weather. Don’t forget to take pics in front of the many different street art walls! #ProTip: Stop by King of Pops at Ponce before heading out for your walk—this treat will be the perfect way to cool you down on the trails!

Here at Emory, we’ve got the best of both worlds: we’re in the city of Atlanta, yet still have suburban vibes. Show your visitor that we can go out in the city, but we can also go out to a bar in a strip mall! Living in a huge foodie town, the food possibilities are endless. After a weekend of eating and living like an Emory student, your visitor will definitely want to go here!