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How to Be Like Yeezy

Who is Yeezy? I’ve had a couple friends ask me this recently, and I don’t even blame them because it is confusing. I even had to consult a couple Yeezy experts myself to make sure we were all still talking about the one and only Kanye West. Kanye West has been a relevant artist since the beginning of time, or at least since Stronger came out in 2007 and we all danced to it at every Bar Mitzvah and felt cool AF. From then on, Kanye has transformed himself into many things besides an artist. He has become a husband, a father, a fashion designer, a potential presidential candidate, a controversy, Taylor Swift’s worst nightmare, and some may even say, a legend. 

I’ve decided to break down Kanye West associated terminology. Though the terms may seem complicated, a lot of them are synonymous. Let’s take a look: 
Yeezy: Yeezy is Kanye’s rapper name. It goes along nicely with other rappers’ nicknames (i.e. Weezy, Breezy, etc.). If we break down Kanye’s name we get “Kan” and “Ye,” from which we see how Yeezy originated. Consequently, Yeezy is also the name of Kanye’s fashion line, in addition to his well-known Adidas collab sneakers.

Yeezus: Yeezus is the name of Kanye’s second to last album. This name derives from his name Yeezy, but also brings in the holy name of Jesus because of the fact that Kanye now thinks of himself as a God. When we add these two components up we are left with the name “Yeezus.
Pablo: Pablo is another one of Kanye’s nicknames. It comes from another artistic legend, Pablo Picasso. As we can see, the trend of Kanye equating himself with greatness continues. 
The Life of Pablo: The Life of Pablo is the name of Kanye’s most recent album, most prominently known for the song “Famous.” This song was the starting point of the T Swift drama, which quickly spun into a celebrity scandal overnight. Ultimately the battle ended with Taylor Swift digging her own grave, and Pablo unsurprisingly coming out victorious. 

Saint Pablo: Saint Pablo is the name of Kanye’s current tour. Again, we see the religious connotations, as well as Saint being his son’s name to remind us all that his son has one hell of a dad. 

Now that we’ve established how awesome Yeezy is, we come to the inevitable question of how can we be like Yeezy???? The answer: we can dress Yeezy. Here Yeezy in an adjective, like dressing preppy, for example, but way better. Dressing Yeezy involves imitating the Yeezy line. Here’s how you can do it:

Earth Tones: 


Monochromatic Pairings: 

And a Splash of Narcissism: 

Good luck to all my Yeezys out there. Thought none of us will ever attain Yeezy status, it doesn’t hurt to try!

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