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Hottest Workout Spots in ATL

With its famous chicken and waffles, multiple food markets and delicious brunch spots on every corner, Atlanta’s foodie scene is clearly on point. But, all those meals out can take a toll on the body and leave you feeling more stuffed than slim. Check out these killer boutique workout classes to burn off calories, tone up and feel energized for your next ATL meal.



For those who are biking-inclined and already avid fans of Soul Cycle, Flywheel is the place to hit up. With a selection of classes (45, 60 or 90 minutes), you can choose what fits best with your schedule and ability level. Pumped-up playlists will motivate you to push through your ride. And each bike comes equipped with technology that tracks your performance, so you can try to beat your personal best with each session.


Mix it up with a class at CYC, where you have the option to bike with or without weights. Its Buckhead location is less than 15 minutes from campus, and its high-energy classes are designed to build strength while burning calories.



For those seeking a ballet body, Pink Barre will be your go-to. With a location at Emory Point, there is no excuse to skip your workout. It uses isometric exercises to strengthen and tone your arms, thighs, booty and core. Its low-impact workout will leave you feeling not too sweaty but perfectly sore.


If you want a full-on dance experience, check out Dance 101. The studio offer classes throughout the day to suit any style, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. Genres range from Broadway to Ballet Conditioning to Cardio Salsa, so there’s truly a class for everyone. The instructors are experienced and talented dancers who will ensure you have a fun time while getting a solid workout!



Emory Point’s latest exercise addition, Empower Yoga, is the ideal spot to get your sweat on and leave you feeling physically and spiritually connected. The heated room (85 or 95 degrees depending on the class) will help you release toxins and leave you dripping with sweat, in the best way possible.


For a higher intensity yoga experience, CorePower will be your jam. Not only are the studios modern and well equipped with spa-like amenities, but they offer a variety of class options for every experience level. The yoga classes will allow you to tone every muscle and have a mindful workout.


Interval Training

The ultimate in interval training, Orange Theory’s workout is designed to keep your heart rate high so you keep burning calories up to 36 hours after the class. Every hour-long class is slightly different but utilizes treadmills, rowing machines, suspensions systems and free weights to do intervals of cardio and strength training. Its coaches will inspire you to power through the workout and provide you individualized attention while connecting you to the group.


With so many fitness options available nearby, you’ll never be bored when it comes time to exercise. Grab some friends, throw on some sneakers and get your workout on…but also enjoy all the tasty food in ATL with no regrets!


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