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Hot Rugby Players That’ll Raise Your Spirits Before Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Finals are around the corner people; I repeat FINALS are around the corner. I know that you’re all probably stressing out, but look at the Brightside, with every darkness comes a new dawn. SUMMER is around the corner! Unless you’re taking summer classes, which means your ass will probably have a couple more exams. So, with all the stressing, the lack of sleep, the nervous eating, I decided to write a post dedicated solely to raising your spirits. That’s when Is started thinking, what could raise my spirits so that I can get over this hell of a week? Besides food, one answer kept resounding within my mind, getting louder and louder per second, that is: MEN.

Once I decided on the topic, a plethora of options opened up: man buns, bad boys, singers, tattoos, muscles, butts, legs, arms, basically everything. So, I’ve decided to introduce you all to the beautiful creations that are RUGBY PLAYERS. They might not be everyone’s preference, but holy crap can they dance around in mine. So ladies and gentlemen, get ready for some panty dropping, drool inducing, dreamy sighing pictures.

1. BURGESS BROTHERS (all of them, because I can’t choose just one – talk about impossible)

Photo courtesy of cnet.com.

Every time I look at any of the Burgess brothers all I can think about is how did one lady bear all four giants?! I mean I thank the lord everyday for such fine creations, but holy crap! They are BIG, with a capital B.


Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk.

Besides all the smexy innuendos that run through my mind as soon as I read his name, this ginger (Strawberry gold? Blonde? Whatever, it’s not his hair I’m paying attention to) is a sight that no one shall ever forget.


Photo courtesy of thejournal.ie.

Three words: LEGS. LEGS.LEGS. Just looking at an Irish beauty like that, my day brightens.  Me thinks ah needin’ some ay ‘at irish luck, am Ah reit? ur am Ah reit?


Photo courtesy of pinimg.com.

  • Man Bun? CHECK
  • Nice Beard? CHECK

*Que mic drop

I hope I accomplished my goal in raising your spirits, and that these pictures help you with your finals as much as they’ll help me. 


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