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Don’t fight it. Winter is here. As temps drop down lower than the enthusiastic freshman at Fratsby, and the general approach to papers, exams, and the heinous reality that is 10 am Friday classes becomes #lol, the last thing most people want to think about is reinvigorating their wardrobes for the weather. The answer is simpler than you think! Hats! The perfect solution to a bad hair day, overgrown roots yearning for a highlight job, or, you know, Atlanta’s most famous fashion obstacle: rain. Whether you go furry or felty, these friends are always fun and definitely appropriate for day, night, even (especially) the libs.

The Everyday Beanie: perfectly soft and slouchy for quotidian activities (i.e. hyper-air conditioned library stacks, or the walk to 10 am Friday classes). Pair with structured tops/coats, or a neutral jacket. Make sure to keep the rest of your look clean and chic, albeit relaxed. Note: fit is key! Go slouchy or bust. Avoid anything your younger brother would wear. 

The Cap: This style trend is for everyone! Unearth your Little League snapback or take a cue from our friends at J. Crew, who just recently debuted a line of stunners with luxurious detailing including jewels, leather, and tweed. 

Le Chapeau: For the brave, cool girl! Less brave, equally cool girls, take note: The brim is longer than that of a fedora, fabrics can range from stiffer wool to felt, and the most versatile are neutrals such as camel, greys, and black. Pair with simple basics; a cable knit sweater coat and some jet-black skinnies are the perfect complement. High-risk, high-reward—just go for it!

Hats are warm! Hats are easy! Hats are cool! Happy winter months!


Images via WeWoreWhat, Frankie Hearts Fashion, Atlantic-Pacific, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Jcrew dot com.

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