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Harry (’18): The Happy, Healthy Kween

Meet the man behind @healthy._.harry, Harry Teplow! Check out what he’s up to when he’s not making the most beautiful smoothies on campus!


Name: Harry Teplow

Major: Human Health and Nutrition Science

Hometown: Boston, MA

Extracurricular Activities: ChaiTunes Acapella, Campus Kitchens, Healthy Eating Partner, 1836 Dinner Host, The Veg Club, Tour Guide

Relationship Status: Single

Greek Affiliation: ATO


Tameka: What are three words that people use to describe you?

Harry: Happy, healthy and kween.


T: Who is your biggest role model?

H: I’ve always really looked up to my older sister, Alisha. She has an incredible ability to connect with and understand all kinds of people. She carries herself in such a beautifully strong and mature way, yet has one of the most immature, hilarious senses of humor. I’ve always watched her and used her as my role model when it comes to how to carry myself, meet new people and connect with them; all extremely important things.


T: What has been your greatest accomplishment/memory at Emory so far?

H: The first time some friends and I discovered Cafe Sunflower in Buckhead. We just had the best time together, ate the best food and had the best conversations. We literally got like drunk off our overly stuffed stomachs and being together. I so vividly remember this night always and how sincerely happy I felt.


T: What is your guilty pleasure?

H: The Kardashians. Between their TV show, Snapchats, Instagrams; for whatever reason they all fascinate me.


T: What are three ways to your heart?

H: A perfectly ripe banana, natural peanut butter and a Vitamix blender.


Photo submitted by Harry Teplow

T: Tell us a little bit about @healthy._.harry and all your wonderful smoothies. How long have you been making smoothies/what was your inspiration?

H: So a little over 4 years ago I had this big, double jaw surgery and was restricted to a liquid diet for over 3 months. My jaw was essentially wired shut so for a while I had to syringe liquid behind my teeth. It was horrible. I was barely squeezing water back there and I was on so many painkillers so that I just slept all the time. I lost a lot of weight very quickly and I felt my body/metabolism just shut down. Once I recovered enough to the point where I could start messily slurping thicker liquids I would blend Progresso soup or ice cream, milk and Oreos in my blender. Those are the only two things I remember liking and wanting to drink. This nutritiously gross diet made me feel so lethargic and sad all the time, and my body was continuing to swell up. This essentially forced me to start researching and caring about nutrition more and how to properly nourish myself through a liquid diet, because something had to change. This was the inception of my fruit, vegetable filled smoothies! I LOVED them and immediately felt so much better physically, emotionally and spiritually. My body began to heal incredibly and I started to feel way better than I even did before my surgery, so I continued my smoothie habits even once I could eat solid foods again. It’s stuck since then and I’ve only been getting more and more into smoothies as time has gone on. I started to Instagram my proudest smoothies on my personal account; it got a little excessive until friends finally convinced me to separate accounts, hence @healthy._.harry. Sorry for the novel. 


T: What is the next thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

H: Definitely skydiving and I plan on doing it super soon while I’m abroad in such a beautiful place right now. 


T: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

H: Owning my own smoothie bowl shop inside of Google Headquarters or being the Kardashians personal breakfast, smoothie maker. 

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