Halloween Night as Told by GIFs

Tonight’s the night! You’ve waited all month for it and it is finally here. Your inner kid is already fiending for sugar.


The night has just begun! You wiggle into your costume and prepare yourself for a night of fun.


You go outside to call an uber with your friends and run into more of your #squad! You tell them your plants for the night..


Congratulations! Your Uberx just turned into an UberXL! Now there’s even more reason to be hyped.


As you’re leaving campus, you pass by a rowdy group of freshmen. It suddenly feels good to be an upperclassman.



You walk into the party. Everyone is checking out your awesome costume! ...Except one frat bro that just can’t seem to figure out what you’re dressed as.


Some creep at the shindig starts hitting on your friend! You go into mom-mode and drag her away.



You give yourself a harsh talking to in the bathroom. Keep it together, girl!



Believe it or not!: It’s 3AM. You find yourself at CVS buying a huuuuge bag of candy.


You happily walk home eating your goodies. It has been a successful Halloween!