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Guide to the LF Summer Sale


Everyone knows that summer is the best season of all. You spend most of it in the sun and you can nap at any time of day, most likely on the beach where you will wake up 50 shades darker. Summer is a time of no obligations and no real plans, barring your 4th of July BBQ. But secretly, or not so secretly, every girl is counting down to the most awaited event of the summer: the LF Summer Sale. In honor of the last week of the summer sale, I give you the guide to the LF Summer Sale (feel free to use these tips for next year too)!

At the beginning of the summer, you know that the sale is in your near future, so you stop into your standby LF store (i.e. Greenwich, Hamptons, Soho) a little bit more than usual to be ~facey~. You try a lot of clothes on so it looks like you are a frequent shopper there. Your mom even looks at a bag or two. You leave with something on the cheaper side or on the practical side (i.e. a T-shirt or a pair of heels) since you would never be caught dead buying something so trendy at full price.

Come June, you chat it up with all the young girls who work in the store, bullshitting about where they are going to college in the fall (i.e., “Oh, I have a camp friend who goes there!” etc.). Make sure they know your name and remember your face. That means don’t go into LF looking like shit. You must dress the part so they see that you embody all that LF is: trends and overpriced DIYs. If you are coming from the Soul Cycle down the street it’s acceptable to be in workout clothes. LF girls definitely understand the need for a little Soul every now and then.

At the end of July, you really need to start being strategic. When you go into the store, you should ask every girl, in the most casual way, if they’ve heard anything about when the sale is going to be. They will all respond, “They don’t even tell us that! It’s a secret! We don’t know!” But they obviously do know because they have to be working the sale, duh. Be persistent and see if one of them will crack.

Next, use your networking skills. Your dad always tells you that networking is the most important thing, and he’s obviously right. Reach out to any of your friends who work at LF as “stylists” (i.e. the ones who put on LF clothes and post Instagrams) if they have any intel. 

After this, you are forced to do everyone’s least favorite thing: wait. Keep refreshing your email though because you never know when the announcement will come. Finally, the day will come where you get the long-awaited email, and you will feel #blessed because you made it onto the private sale list. This is the day that separates the professional shopper from the wannabe shopper. Professional shoppers get the extra discount because of their facey moves all summer long, and they don’t have to climb over girls like those fake animal scenes in Mean Girls.

On the day of the sale, you can roll up to LF with your Starbucks in hand in no rush because you know you don’t need to wait on a line. You can say your name at the door like it’s a club, which it kind of is because you can hear the EDM spotify station blasting from outside. You’ll be let in easily and can start piling up anything in your arms to bring to the dressing room because it’s the LF Summer Sale and you DGAF.

During your shopping experience, you may spy the one organized table in the back with the winter collection on it but just keep reminding yourself that it’s not on sale. Just wait until the Winter Sale–it’ll be here before you know it!

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