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The Great Debate: Home Life vs. School Life

While the start of school always brings a lot of excitement and so many reunions, we are now two weeks in and are starting to look back onto summer.  Sometimes we feel so happy to be back and other times we miss the comforts of home.  They both have their Pros and Cons. There are things we love, things we hate, and things we simultaneously love and hate about both.  Here are some ways home and school compare.

  1. At Home:  You can binge watch hours of Netflix with no Judgment. When you’re at home nothing is really going on, so watching Netflix for hours on end seems completely acceptable.  Plus no one knows just how many episodes of House of Cards you have watched in one day besides your parents, and they’re just happy your even home – even if you’ve been too busy watching Netflix to talk to them.

At School: You actually have the option to go to Maggies  be social.   At home there are limited opportunities to actually go out, but at school something is happening every weekend.  However, now you feel obligated to be social. The days of hours of Netflix are no longer as acceptable on a Friday night.  Granted you still do it, but there’s some fear of missing out and a certain level of judgment.


  1. At Home: You probably wont see someone you know every time you leave your house; however, when you do, it’s so awkward.  It is either someone from high school who you were barely friends with and haven’t talked to in years and you have nothing to talk about with. Or it’s an elementary school friend’s mom who you would really rather not have to explain to how much you love school and how great everything is.

At School: If you leave your room, even for 5 minutes, you will see someone you know or have heard of or have most likely met while out and both of you will glance at each other for a second too long trying to figure out how you know each other before you realize you don’t really and then awkwardly turn around.


  1. At Home: You most likely had a job or internship or something to do during the day.  Waking up that early was the worst, but when the clock struck 5 you were done. You had nothing else to worry about until the 7:30 am alarm the next day.

At School: Group Projects, Homework, Tests: While working at that internship you forgot just how annoying school work is.  Trying to get a group to meet is probably the biggest struggle in life and that’s before any work actually starts.  Ya, you don’t have to wake up at 7:30, but you are up until 3 am studying or writing an essay.


  1. At home: You get to hang out with your pets.  I mean I guess your family and siblings are important too, but lets’ be real who do you miss the most when you’re at school?  Obviously the true friend you had this summer – your dog, cat, or any other pet that was always around.  No one else gets that excited to see you.

At School: You have all of your friends from school who you haven’t seen all summer.  It’s great to reunite with everyone, and finally catch up in person. Let the facebook pictures begin.


  1. At home: There is always a fridge full of food.  It’s so nice to have snacks around that you don’t have to make an effort to get.  There is usually someone around who will get you dinner or cook you dinner, and if there is anything you do want you have a car to go out and get it and room in the house to put it.

At School: If you do not have a car on campus there is really no pro about the food situation at school.  However, if you do have a car there are the endless amounts of brunch spots (check out http://www.hercampus.com/school/emory/brunch-atlanta-every-occasion), Whole Foods for Lunch, and Alons for Dinner.  Home cooking is overrated with Atlanta’s restaurants.


  1. At home: You have to spend the summer in the room you decorated when you were 13 and now look back on seriously questioning you’re style and judgment on everything.  Is this really what you wanted?  You’re not home enough to change it, but you still spend enough time in there to get overwhelmed by all the childhood memories. 

At School: you get a room/apartment to decorate however you want.  You and your roommate can totally kill it and create an awesome place to live.  However you also have to deal with an elevated bed, always being around people, and awkwardly handling any boy situation.

The constant struggle of wanting to be home while at school, or at school when you’re at home is just a part of college. So, enjoy being back now because pretty soon you’ll be home thinking about how much you want to be back at school.

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