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A Freshman’s Survival Guide: Staple Nightlife Wardrobe Items

Every fashionista can benefit from having a few essential staple items within her nightlife wardrobe. Whether frat hopping down Eagle Row or just hanging out with friends at a low-key party, any of these five staple items will never cease to disappoint.

Banded Skirt:

Atlanta’s evenings can be just as warm as its days, which can make wearing jeans out at night quite uncomfortable. A banded skirt pairs nicely with just about any shirt one would wear with jeans. Make the easy switch, and show of your legs a little while the weather is still nice.


While heels are often a perfect solution to dressing up a casual outfit or adding a tad bit of flare, those five extra inches can often come at the expense of comfort. Wedges provide for a perfect substitute, as they are both fashionable and comfortable. Don’t punish your feet for fashion when comfort and flare are just a simple platform away!

Cross-Body purse:

Tired of losing your phone or wallet every time you go out? Cross-body bags provide an easy yet adorable solution. My personal recommendation is to buy one in every neutral color: black, grey/silver, and tan. These three colors will be sure to match any outfit in your closet.


Do you love those loose shirts that always just seem to hang a little bit too low? Try pairing them with a classic, solid colored bandeau for an effortless chic look.

Cloth Hair-Tie:

Do not let the hot, humid air of Atlanta ruin a good night out. With a cloth hair-tie around your wrist, you will be able to beat the humidity before it even messes up your hair. The best part about a cloth hair-tie is that when the humidity vanishes, you will be able to let down your hair without succumbing to the creases and ridges other hair-ties may inevitably cause.

Now get dressed, go out and have a great night because you look fabulous!

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