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Flashnotes for Fast Cash

There are several things you’re simply guaranteed to experience during your college years: dining hall food, late nights in the library, and spending more money than you ever thought was possible. 


While they can’t do much about our DUC food, Flashnotes.com is aiming to fix the last two problems. Founded by a recent college grad, Flashnotes.com is in tune to what today’s students want most: money and better grades.



Here’s how it works: as a student-to-student study materials marketplace, you can upload a specific course’s notes, study guides, and flashcards and cash in. Flashnotes.com also offers video tutorials and live video help, and you can purchase another student’s guide for a class you may need help in. Fallen behind in Financial Accounting? Need help in Calc? Look no further than Flashnotes.com. Average cost of study materials is $9.00; compare that to how many cups of coffee you’d need to consume to create the study guide on your own! The average student makes $31 per hour, and top sellers make over $5,000 a semester. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can study or sell with confidence.



Between sorority dues, Ubers, and Blue Donkey Iced Coffee every Tuesday, you are bound to break the budget at some point over your semester at Emory. Thankfully there’s Flashnotes.com to ease your stress and help you afford your next Spring Break trip.



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