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Five Tips & Tricks I Learned at the Beauty Counter

I always kind of free formed it with my makeup and I really thought my process was working for me. My skin was healthy, my makeup looked natural most days, and I wasn’t suffering from blemishes or breakouts after using products. However, after visiting my local department store beauty counter for a makeup event, I picked up some invaluable tips from the make-up artist. These tips may seem super simple but they’ve made a noticeable impact in my skin.

1. Keep your skin well moisturized

Well-moisturized skin is the key to pretty much everything. It keeps you looking young and fresh, lets your make-up go on smoother, and gives you an all around glow. Well moisturized skin is the perfect base for making any products—including drug store finds—look amazing.

2. Don’t put eye cream on your eyelid during the day (but don’t skip it either)

Eye cream might seem a little bit silly when you’re in college but there are tons of great benefits from starting early. It keeps your eyelids well moisturized and prevents wrinkles from developing. It also can do wonders for de-puffing the bags under your eyes after a long night in the library. While you should definitely apply eye cream during both day and night for maximum repair, keep the cream away from your lid during the day and focus on the under-eye area only. At night, make sure to get the entire area for maximum effect.

3. Don’t mix your foundation with a moisturizer that is not a primer

I have been making this mistake pretty much for the past few years and always wondered why any coverage I had was lost by noon. Mixing your moisturizer with your foundation does make the foundation go on more smoothly and it keeps you well moisturized but the effects aren’t long lasting. Switch to a moisturizing primer so that your makeup lasts all day long.

4. Don’t use your brushes for jobs they weren’t intended to do

This one may seem silly but after switching to a proper foundation brush, I was surprised about how much more smoothly my foundation went on. I previously relied on a make-up sponge which didn’t give me as much control as I would have liked and caused cakey-ness whenever I rushed in the morning.

5. Use a universal lip liner for all lipsticks

Many beauty lines create a lip liner to match all of their classic colors. However, you can still keep your lipstick in line by using a universal lip liner that matches the natural color of your lips. 

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