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A First Timer’s Mardi Debrief, As Told by GIFs

1. When you don’t plan far enough in advance, so instead of flying, you take a 10 hour overnight bus ride that would otherwise be 6.5 hours if you drove yourself. You are also woken up at at 4am after taking sleeping pills to pit stop in Mobile, Alabama for an hour, and there are crying babies everywhere and stinking up the bus. 

2. When you finally make it to NOLA and everything seems right in the world again until you are denied check in for several hours (even though you have email correspondence with the manager claiming otherwise) and are stranded in the hotel Starbucks so you decided to nap for an hour while your friends take Snapchats of you and try to find somewhere to change. 

3. When you meet a literal angel who lets you and all of your friends change in their room*

*no stranger danger here, another friend from Emory*

4. When you finally get ready and are looking and ~feeling~ good and make it to the bar and see your friends and remember why you decided to make the trek in the first place!!

5. When you try your first hurricane—

6. –When you finish your first hurricane…

7. When half your friends split up, and you try to track them on find my friends but end up walking in circles for an hour only to end up just a mere 3 blocks away from when you started.

8. When you have a bite of that good good pizza!!

9. When you finally make it back to the hotel and wait in line for 30 min just to be told that even though it is passed your check in time, your room still isn’t ready and in fact won’t be until 7 pm. Youut ask to speak to Justin (aka the manager you were email pen pals with) but have to wait another 30 minutes in his line first. Then, when you finally get to speak to him you negotiate compensation of what you thought was a good deal at the time (due to the not quite clearest of mindstates) and he calls you and your friend aggressive but you thank him anyways for the hundred dollars off and free high speed wifi. 

10. When you finally get to your room and shower and lay in bed and realize it’s been a long day and decide not to rally so you can have a better time tomorrow!!!

**And repeat for Day 2. 

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