Finding Your Balance

Welcome back, collegiettes! Now that the fall semester is in full swing, you have likely found yourself buried under a giant pile of lecture notes, assignments, and text messages from friends asking if they will ever see you again. The time has come to prioritize your activities, organize your schedule, and find personalized ways to de-stress.


Step 1: Do What You Want

I know it sounds crazy amidst the chaos that is college but ultimately, you decide what you would like to invest your time in. Some aspects of your college career are mandatory but it is essential to remember that you do have options when it comes what you are specifically spending your time doing. Your academic, social, and personal circles are all very important! I don’t recommend neglecting any of them but make sure to keep them balanced.

This picture is so untrue! You really can have it all, it just takes practice and proper planning. It is definitely possible to find a balance between doing schoolwork, seeing your friends, and finding time for yourself.


Step 2: Get Your Ducks In a Row

Figuratively, of course! Everyone has their own technique of tracking their ‘to dos.’ It is extremely helpful to find the method that fits your lifestyle best. Over my undergraduate career, I have used Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Agendas from the university bookstore, and a sticky note app for my Macbook. Most recently, I have begun bullet journaling. I love it because of how personalized it can be. It is essentially an empty book which allows you to create your own structure of organizing as many aspects of your life as you would like. I highly recommend bullet journaling to anyone who has the time and spare creativity!

Step 3: Do Not Forget About You

Regardless of how busy life becomes, you shouldn't forget to prioritize your well-being! My favorite way to wind down is doing a face mask from Lush Cosmetics and watching Netflix. Some may find refuge in baking, running, or doing a number of other activities! I urge you to find the healthy de-stressing mechanism that works for you and embrace it.

My pick is Lush’s Brazened Honey ($13.50) fresh face mask! To preserve freshness, the product is intended to be used within the first two weeks of purchase. This rule is a great motivator to keep you actively taking time for yourself and using the masks.


Be patient with yourself if it takes more time than you’d like to find balance in your college life. Time management can be a constant struggle but even the busiest people can find time for what matters.