Emory Shuttle Hacks

Before moving to Emory’s Clairmont Campus, the word “shuttle” made me gulp. I envisioned heading to my 8:30 A.M. class not on a leisurely stroll past the freshman quad or Fevans, but rather by hopping onto a bus full of other exhausted students. The shuttles to and from Clairmont make multiple stops along the way at the various hospitals (CHOA, Winship, etc.), so the bus is jam-packed with not just students but also nurses and hospital staff. It can be rough at times, making me choose to do the mile and a half walk to and from to relieve myself of the often-stressful atmosphere of the shuttle experience. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not an Emory shuttle pro. Whether you live at Clairmont, or don’t, I’ve discovered some routes that you should take advantage of when you want to go off campus.

Who needs Uber when you can take an Emory shuttle for free? Below are the six must-have routes to keep in your back pocket when your weekly Friday night Ubers and Lyfts have dried up your transportation budget. After all, everyone has that one friend who never seems to accept the split fare. 

1. Emory Point

When you see the “A Route” shuttle come around Woodruff Circle, hop on! You’ll get dropped off at the supersized CVS at Emory Point, where you can hit up Earth Fare, BoruBoru and more! Except, don’t expect to get this free transportation for your Sunday brunch at General Muir---it only provides service Monday thru Friday.

2. Toco Hills Shopping Center (Kroger, Publix)

Every Saturday & Sunday, the “C Route” shuttle adds a stop: Toco Hills! If you’re like me and get your groceries on the weekend, this bus is for you. 

3. Publix

If you’re more of a Publix shopper than a Kroger shopper, or just don’t have time on the weekend to go to the grocery store, use the Publix route that is available Monday-Friday, but only during the evening (7-10pm)!

4. Lenox Mall

I’m most definitely guilty of exploiting this shuttle route. On Saturday’s from 2pm till 9pm the “Lenox Square Mall” shuttle will take you for free to go shopping!

5. Downtown Decatur

This shuttle route is a little bit trickier because instead of getting picked up at Woodruff Circle, you get picked up at the Marta Stop in front of Woodruff Circle (directly on Clifton Rd.). The shuttle you want is the “CCTMA Route." Once you get on board, you’ll get dropped off at the Marta Decatur Station putting you in Downtown Decatur! From there, explore the likes of Kale Me Crazy and Raging Burrito. Maybe even study at Dancing Goats Coffee if you have time during the day! Of course, this shuttle is only Monday thru Friday, but it does run until 8pm!

6. Midtown & Georgia Tech

The GTech shuttle from Emory is not just for tech students anymore! With this shuttle, there is a stop at the MARTA Midtown if you’re in the mood to explore this part of the city. One of my favorite coffee shops, Revelator, is in walking distance, plus so much more! Or, simply take this shuttle all the way to its final stop at GTech if you want to say you’ve been there done that.