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Don’t Forget Your Jacket

With the beginning of beautiful spring Atlanta weather, it is now time to store away your winter sweaters and coats, and rather bring out your cute, trendy spring jackets. Early mornings and late evenings can be very chilly despite the high temperatures throughout the day, so here is at look at some trending jackets to keep you cozy all throughout the spring.

Retro Demin:

Demin has been making a come back in this year’s fashion, so why not join the trend? Whether typical blue jean, white or colored, demin jackets will allow you to stay warm in the cool nights while staying chic at the same time.

Classic Leather:

Throughout the years, one constant has always remained in style: leather jackets. A leather jacket is perfect for those chillier nights. Pair it with jeans and a blouse or a cute little dress and be sure not to forget your accessories.

Professional Blazer:

Starting to prepare for that summer internship? Worried you will have to spend your entire budget on work acceptable clothing? Good news is that blazers make a perfect lightweight jacket. Whether solid black, bright colored, or patterned, blazers can be matched with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Knit Moto:

Looking for a comfy and cozy yet chic jacket? Moto jackets fit that mold perfectly! A knit moto jacket is another staple item that every fashionista should have in their closet. Classic blacks and grays are sure to go perfectly with everything.

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