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Divya Kishore (’23C): Meet Your New Campus Cutie Editor

“Guess what!? I’m the new Campus Cutie Editor!” was as far as I got in a phone call to my mom just before the end of first semester. That was as far as I got because before I could share more about how excited I was or what the position even entailed, she responded, “Haha. That sounds like such a silly name.” In her defense, she had no idea what it was and the title did not help her out in any way. Once I finally explained she was definitely more excited and I could finally elaborate on all the amazing people I hope to interview during my time as Campus Cutie Editor. So, I promise I won’t bore you with details of my life that you really, really did not ask for, but I thought it would not be fair to put others in the spotlight before first assuming the hot seat. Please bear with me, it is my first time and I will try my hardest to fill the large hole my predecessor, Delaney, left behind as she traverses Europe. 

Name: Divya Kishore

Year: Freshman (I’m really a new kid on the block) 

Intended major/area of interest (emphasis on the intended): English with a minor in Global Health, Culture, and Society on the Pre-med track.

Things I do on campus: Her Campus, Emory Undergraduate Global Health Organization, Residence Hall Association Hall Council, Gamma Phi Beta sorority

Q: What’s your favorite movie? 

I hate to be cringey and borderline basic, however, I must admit that my favorite movie series is Harry Potter. I, like many other 11-year-old children I can imagine, anxiously awaited receiving a letter from Hogwarts that would kickstart my journey into the wizarding world. Clearly, that day did not come, but nevertheless, I still love to immerse myself in Harry Potter however I can be it by watching the movies over and over again, reading the books while laying on my bedroom floor, or visiting Harry Potter World at Universal with my cousins. 

Q: What was your favorite part of the first semester? 

Genuinely, the number of amazing people I met was incredibly shocking. Everyone I came across in various settings was so interesting and motivating that it made me want to be driven right alongside them. The number of laughs, good times, and memories I shared with friends I met just a few months ago will forever be so special to me. I’ve learned so much from everyone I have met. I can’t wait to continue exploring Emory’s campus and the greater Atlanta area with people who have turned into forever friends. 

Q: What do you love about Emory?

Maybe I still have rose-colored glasses on from only having been here for a few months, but everywhere I turn, I can point out just another reason why Emory has grown to become one of my most favorite places. 

Q: Where can you be found at any given moment?

I want to say that I’ll be outside or hanging out with friends. However, as the second-semester shlump settles in, I can probably be found in bed watching White Collar (if you haven’t seen it, I really recommend!) or doodling in my bullet journal.

Q: Which women in your life do you look up to? 

My mom and my grandma are among my greatest inspirations. My mom continues to support me in everything I do and never lets me give up, even when things get difficult. She constantly reminds me of who I am and how I can get to where I want to be. My grandma is one of the most independent people I have ever met, coping with blindness from a very young age. She has made up for her lack of sight in so many ways, including learning numerous languages and being fiercely independent, and I will always strive to follow her lead. 

If you read all the way through, thank you so much! If you have any ideas on who to interview next, reach out to me at [email protected]  

Hi! I'm Divya Kishore and I'm from Westchester, NY. I am a current freshman at Emory pursuing an English major on the pre-Med track. I love spending my time drinking iced coffee, reading books and exploring campus!
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