A College Gal's Guide to Getting Your Nails Done

1. If you want a bargain: Top Nails

For just $10 (and a short uber ride away), you can get a full mani. Here’s the catch: they use hand-warming bags instead of a bowl of water, and the mani is only semi-decent. On the upside, they give you a massage while your hands are incubating, so if you just want a quick, cheap relaxer, this is the place to go. For only $10, it is definitely worth it.

2. If you want to ~indulge~: Sugar Coat

Whether your mom is in town, or you simply just want to #treatyoself, Sugar Coat is the perfect place to do so. There are a few locations, but I highly recommend the one in the Highlands. A little bit farther than Top Nails, but not too far away, this place gives hands-down the best manicure I’ve seen in the ATL. They use the traditional hot water soak technique, but the best part is that they offer STUDENT DISCOUNTS. Make sure you bring your student ID and ask! Plus, if you really want to have a #treatyoself day, walk around the corner and go to Highland Blow Bar for a fantastic blowout.

  1. If you want a quick fix: Jazmin Spa

Nestled in the barely off-campus neighborhood called Emory Point, the Jazmin Spa is prime location for Emory students. Just a short walk away, or an even shorter uber ride, the close-ness of this salon adds to its practicality if you're in a rush. They also do a good job, which is always a bonus when paying someone to paint and shape your nails.