Co-Presidents of Project Sunshine, Cydney Eisenberg and Celia Greenlaw

Meet the co-presidents of Project Sunshine, Cydney Eisenberg ‘15 and Celia Greenlaw ‘16! When they’re not busy running the organization, you can catch these ladies enjoying yoga and even Pink Barre! Although these girls have tough majors (Biology and NBB), they have come together to run Project Sunshine this year. Let me show you what they have in store for this year and how you can get involved!


Her Campus Emory (HCE): What is Project Sunshine?

Celia Greenlaw (CG) & Cydney Eisenberg (CE): Project Sunshine is a national non-profit volunteer organization that strives to brighten the days of children facing medical challenges and their families. A college student started the organization, and many colleges across the country have a chapter. Our chapter at Emory works to restore a sense of normalcy to the medical environment, and make kids feel like kids again. We volunteer our time at the Ronald McDonald House, the Marcus Autism Center, and CHOA (Children’s Hospital of Atlanta) to do arts and crafts with kids who are having medical procedures or have other medical conditions.


HCE: How did you get involved with Project Sunshine?

CG: I joined Project Sunshine my freshman year after the activities fair. I started out by going to a few different kinds of events, and my sophomore year I became the Ronald McDonald House coordinator. This gave me the opportunity to plan and host meals and crafts events at the RMH in Atlanta.

CE: My freshman year, I was recruited for Project Sunshine by Alcie Browne, the club’s president at the time.


HCE: What goals do you guys have as co-presidents this year?​

CG & CE: One of our biggest goals for the year is to get our volunteers and executive board members to know each other. Due to the variety of events we put on, it was often the case that some members never met each other, and we want to change this by having general body meetings. We think that by encouraging unity between our members we can better serve the community as a cohesive team.


HCE: Are there any events this semester?

CG & CE: This semester we will host around 12 events at the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, The Marcus Autism Center, and The Frazer Center. The events will range from arts & crafts to cooking breakfasts for families. We try to hold a variety of projects so that it is interesting for families and our volunteers.


HCE: How can Emory kids get involved with Project Sunshine?

CG & CE: We are in the process of interviewing new members for this year. We are excited to have a new group of volunteers, but we probably do not have space for anyone else right now. If someone were interested in volunteering with us, the best way to receive information would be to email us! [email protected] or [email protected]