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Choosing the Best Playlist for Your Mood

Although you may have your favorite artists and songs constantly playing in the background, sometimes you find yourself in need of a new playlist. Playlists may seem trivial when it comes to the grand scheme of things, but reality is that a playlist can truly put you in a better mood, help you focus, pump you up or even help you relax. While the radio can be helpful when driving because you never know what song will come on next, these Spotify playlists are perfect for when you get out of your car! Below are some playlists to satisfy every mood or situation you may encounter.

1. Study Sessions

Sometimes the library can be loud or you might just need some background music to make that bio-chem textbook or Spanish essay a little bit easier to get through. Try the Your Favorite Coffee House playlist to help you productively get through your assignments. Don’t worry; you will not get distracted by these songs and feel like you constantly want to belt out the lyrics in the library.

2. Workout

Everyone loves a good pump up song when they are sweating on the elliptical, sprinting during a run or even lifting some weights. Try the Motivation Mix the next time that you hit the gym. It will definitely help get those endorphins flowing!

3. Good Morning

Who doesn’t like to start there mornings on a high note? This might seem a little bit cliché, but whenever I am feeling down or just want some lively upbeat music to brighten my morning, I turn on the Have a Great Day playlist. These songs are a random bunch, but can uplift your mood and get you feeling optimistic about the day ahead.

4. Winding Down Your Day

After a long day at school, in the library or even just hanging out with friends, it can be nice to have some music to help you unwind and decompress. In these situations, some slow songs are usually my best recommendation. Next time you come home, put on the Relax and Unwind playlist, and hopefully you will feel a bit more calm. 

5. The Pregame

While your friends may all have differing tastes of music, there are some songs that always appeal to crowds.  Everyone loves a good throwback, so if you put on Throwback Thursday, you are definitely bound to have some friends dancing around your living room singing to these songs. There’s nothing like bonding over the songs of your childhood with your best friends before a night out.

Hopefully, these playlists will be helpful whenever you are feeling sick of your current Spotify or iTunes library. If you feel like these playlists might not be for you, it can also be fun to explore Spotify playlists on the browse feature. Happy listening!



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