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Childhood Halloween Costume Inspiration

Every year I have a harder time coming up with Halloween costume ideas. College doesn’t help this difficulty because Halloween is extended to however many nights you choose to go out that week, usually around three. This means triple the trouble creating clever costumes. This year, I decided to explore my childhood costume choices in the hopes of turning something innocent into a ~mature~ option for now. (FYI my mom made all my costumes!)

1. Powerpuff Girl

The Powerpuff Girls were a 90’s classic, so it made sense that in kindergarten every little girl wanted to be one of them for Halloween, including myself. Blossom (pink) is the leader of the pack, Bubbles (blue) is the cute one, and Buttercup (green) is the sassy one. These girls work great for a group costume and fulfill my everlasting desire to have a superpower. Find a tight dress in the color of your girl, add a black stripe with felt around the center, and you’re good to go.





2. Pumpkin

This was my first Halloween costume, and can definitely be recycled into a more modern version. As the emblem of Halloween, the pumpkin could not be more classic or in spirit. Feel free to make this as revealing as you choose.


3. Madeline

In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines. The smallest one was Madeline. I was always the smallest one, so I obviously had to be Madeline. Channel your inner Parisian with a blue dress and thigh high white socks for an easy nostalgic look.

4. Cat in the Hat

Instead of being the overdone Thing 1 and Thing 2, go solo and be The Cat in the Hat instead! You can skip the face paint and the whiskers and just throw on an LBD and some red and white striped accessories, and of course, a hat. Tail is optional.

5. Queen of Hearts

Be the queen that you are with a queen of hearts Alice in Wonderland look. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to wear a crown? Find a royal looking dress with a tulle skirt, and attach some hearts onto it. Top off the look with a red lip and a wand.

Ultimately, in fashion, what goes out of style usually comes back in at some point or another, and Halloween costumes are no different. What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume? Bring it back this year with a grown up twist!


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