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Celebs I Want to See in Vegas

Next week, I will be embarking on the senior milestone fall break trip to Las Vegas. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Las Vegas. I know that the weather is hot, the parties are crazy, and the gambling is addictive. Most importantly, from the many celebrities I follow on Instagram, I know that Vegas is a celeb magnet. This is probably because of Vegas’s proximity to Hollywood, and because celebrities typically don’t have to worry about spending lots of money. Whatever the reason, celebs are always frequenting Las Vegas, and I’m hoping that their Vegas visits happen to coincide with mine. In an ideal world, here’s who I want to see:

1. Justin Bieber

Though it is unclear where Bieber is at the moment since he deleted his Instagram, aka the best medium for tracking his whereabouts, we can assume he is still on his Purpose tour. He finished up the U.S. leg of his tour this summer, so presumably he is somewhere overseas. Nonetheless, he has private jets that can take him anywhere at any time, so it is not entirely out of the question for me to run into him in Vegas (hopefully at one of the pool parties so we can recreate the Beauty and a Beat music video together).

2. Scott “The Lord” Disick

Now onto a more realistic celeb to see in Vegas: The Lord. The Lord is always jetting off to Vegas, usually to relapse into his alcoholic ways during a club appearance at 1OAK. Maybe he would even take Kourtney and the kids along for one of their spontaneous vacations together. The Lord knows how to party, and I would be honored to party with him.

3. Britney Spears

As part of the comeback of a lifetime, Britney Spears is constantly in Las Vegas for her Piece of Me tour. Even though Britney is casually 34 years old, she’s still got it and can party with the best of ’em. I’ve loved and supported Britney for as long as I can remember, even throughout her infamous breakdown in ’07. I am so happy that she is thriving at the moment, and would be so ~lucky~ to see this new and improved Britney while in Vegas.

5. Rihanna

While I’m not too sure how often Rihanna is in Las Vegas, she would fit into the scene very well. Her “Work” music video makes it obvious she has her club dancing/grinding down. She would put everyone else in the club to shame with the combination of her looks and hip movements. I feel like she could teach me some moves, and definitely wouldn’t mind if Drake were hitting the club with her too.

Stay tuned to find out who I end up running into!

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