Captain of TNT, James La Russa

If you were at Best in Show this year then I'm sure you were enticed by TNT's performance, and it was probably due to this week's campus celeb's performance... Meet the captain of TNT, James La Russa! This dancer has a diverse background (ballet and hip-hop) all while juggling being pre-vet. Check out when you can see TNT's performances this semester and how you can have the opportunity to dance with these guys at special workshops!


Her Campus Emory (HCE): When did you start dancing?

James La Russa (JL): I started dancing when I was 3 at a small studio in South Georgia, training primarily in ballet. I continued to dance ballet professionally in college, but began dancing hip-hop as well.

HCE: What made you want to join TNT?

JL: When I was a freshman the Captain of T.N.T, Julio Medina, convinced me to try out for the crew after seeing me dance in Emory Dance Company auditions. After making the team, the crew helped me improve my cleanliness and skill in Hip-Hop dance. More importantly, they incorporated me into their family of brothers, who love to spend time together both in and out of rehearsal. Because of their positive influence as my family and in hip-hop dance, I feel privileged to call myself the captain.

HCE: When are you guys performing this semester?

JL: As of right now, our scheduled performances are the following: Symposium, Trashion Show, Parents Weekend Performance, Diwali, and Ahana

HCE: Do you perform any other styles?

JL: Primarily, I’ve always danced ballet. I’ve trained with the Atlanta Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Australian Ballet throughout my time in middle and high school. After coming to college, I gave the ballet driven life up to further my education in veterinary medicine. However, while fulfilling my biology major, I expanded my dance horizons by training in modern and hip-hop dance with the Emory Dance Company and T.N.T.

HCE: How can people join TNT?

JL: At the start of each semester, T.N.T. holds auditions where anyone who wants to can show up to learn some choreography. We only consider taking guys because we were founded as an all male hip-hop crew, but everyone is welcome at auditions and to our workshops that we hold every other Saturday.