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Campus MovieFest

Last Wednesday, hundreds of students huddled outside the Schwartz Center, dressed in their finest, awaiting their walk down the red carpet. The Hollywood-esque atmosphere at the screening filled the students with excitement and buzz. Adrian Zamora ‘16, actor in the short film ‘Roulette’, says, “This is such an exciting event, we are so excited to see the [other] films … and see their creative perspectives.”

Emory’s Campus MovieFest took place on February 27th 2013 in the Schwartz Center. The Campus MovieFest has always had a special place in our hearts–it was started by four Emory students in 2000 and is now held nationwide. It is the largest student film festival, and it has even expanded to Scotland. Students are provided with resources—a camera and an Apple laptop—to create a short film, which must be less than five minutes. But here’s the catch: producers and directors have just a week to create and film their movie. Their films are then compared to their peers’ in order to determine the winners of certain categories, including ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Drama’. 


Though students only have a week to make their films, the competition is tough, filled with film majors and non-film majors alike. The campus finalists include 16 films:

Temporality (Campus Best Picture) (Best Director) (Best Cinematography)

Roulette (Campus Best Comedy)

The Bus Stop (Campus Best Drama) (Best Actress – Kelly Marie Spicer)

Devil’s Advocates (Best Actor – Tom Cassaro)

More Than the Other (Best Soundtrack)

In Memory

The Roommate Agreement

Drops of Gold

We Wander Under the Same Cloud that Day

Orange Girl

The Phone Diaries

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Walking Permitted




If you missed any of these films, or if you just LOVED them and need another viewing, you can see them again here!

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