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BSA President, Kevin Satterfield!

You might have seen this guy at WW or at Chill-n-Grill in Asbury Circle or just around campus but let it be known, he does so much more! Meet Black Student Alliance (BSA) President, senior Kevin Satterfield.  Aside from running BSA, Kevin is also a member of College Council and the newly returned fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Read up how Kevin became president and all the exciting events BSA has coming up!

Her Campus Emory (HCE): How did you get involved in BSA?

Kevin Satterfield (KS): It all started sophomore year when I decided to attend Step it Up and I was impressed by how professional the preparation for the event was that I drawn to become more involved as a general body member. Shortly thereafter, I decided to run for an executive position as Treasurer and then eventually progressed into my presidency.

HCE: What goals do you have as president?

KS: One of my biggest goals is ensuring that we as an organization are doing everything we can to make sure black students on campus have the necessary resources to succeed after they leave Emory. We all love a good turn up, but part of the college experience is also about developing as a professional. For that reason, we’ve programmed mock interview sessions, resume-building workshops, talks with the study abroad office, and networking events with top companies such as Google in order to expose students to the endless benefits that they have as members of this institution.





HCE: How has BSA served its community?

KS: When you say the word community, that word can apply to either the Emory campus or the surrounding Atlanta area. Although the BSA focuses a lot of its financial and social capital on campus, we still consider ourselves to be a part of the city of Atlanta. We’ve done community service projects at the Gateway Center and the Sunrise Senior Living Residence as a way to establish a stronger relationship to our surroundings. And we’re also working City Year to assist high school students in Atlanta with their applications to college. All of our events serve a purpose.

HCE: Are there any upcoming BSA events?

KS: One of the most exciting string of events that we have coming up is Black History Month. It’s always been the most stressful but also most rewarding part of our programming calendar because we always try to make it better than the previous year. Of course, Step it Up (the step show by the black Greek organizations on campus) will open the month and the Black History Month Gala (the culminating celebration of the month) will close. We usually fill the rest of the month with events that are naturally educational and engaging. Depending on what’s going at school and the country, we try to center our events on those themes. It’s always a good way to celebrate our heritage and share it with the rest of the community.

HCE: How can students get involved with BSA?

KS: Students can get involved by coming to GBMs, events, and by paying dues. It’s the best way to show current executive members that they’re serious about the work that the BSA is doing and that they’re willing to be leaders in the community after the current executive board members leave. For some people, being a General Body Member is where they feel they can have the most impact. For others, people come in knowing that they want to eventually be President. We want to make sure that everyone who wants be involved in the organization has an opportunity.

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