Brittany ('17): Vice President of Membership for Pi Beta Phi

Meet Brittany, Vice President of Membership for Emory's newest Sorority, Pi Beta Phi.

Name: Brittany Guh

Major: Media Studies - Film and Media Management

Hometown: Greenwich, CT (Previous); Bethesda, MD (Current)

Extracurricular Activities: VPM for Pi Beta Phi, selling cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake, cycling, foodie, and traveler .

Relationship Status: Single

Greek Affiliation: Pi Beta Phi


Tameka: Why did you join Pi Phi?

Brittany: Since high school, I always knew I wanted to be in Greek life so when there was a sorority that had core values that I aligned with, I did everything I could to join. In addition, I wanted the opportunity to make a difference in the Emory community and Pi Phi was the perfect place for me to do so. Through Pi Phi, I have found a network of sisters and friends who support me in achieving my personal and professional goals. I know I can always count on them!


T: Tell us about what you do as Vice President of Memeberhsip (VPM).

B: As Vice President of Membership, I am responsible for ensuring the sisterhood and membership experience is meaningful for all members. I manage all aspects of membership including recruitment, retention of initiated members, morale, mentoring, and the senior transition to alumnae life.


T: How do you manage your time as being as senior and having such a huge role? What is key to making sure that everything runs smoothly?

B: In short, being organized and great time management skills.  From the start, VPM was the position I was most passionate about and felt  that I would be the most effective in. I knew what the job entailed and the level of commitment it would be. Thus, I was well prepared when it came to taking on such a large role. Being a student, working, applying for jobs, and preparing for adult life is a lot for any senior at Emory. Balancing these aspects along with my role as VPM is a challenge and I would not be able to do so without the help of my advisers, executive council, and my committees. The key to making things work is to delegate and utilize everyone's strengths!



T: What is the biggest challenge as VPM?

B: I would say the biggest challenge as VPM is trying to make everyone happy which is virtually impossible, but I do the best that I can to ensure comradery! We are preparing for our first ever Novemberfest, so it has definitely been a challenge trying to get everything order, but everyone has been so supportive. 


T: What is your hope for the future of Pi Phi?

B:  As a senior, I definitely want to leave a legacy. As a colonizing member of our chapter, I helped create the foundation of our great organization here on Emory's campus. I want the women in Pi Phi to continue making a difference at Emory and in the Atlanta community.