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Bloomingdales x Breast Cancer Events

Bloomingdales seems to be getting intimately acquainted with the concept of aligning themselves with boutique fitness studios for a cause.  While I did not have the privilege of attending one of Bloomingdale’s Get Fit With Pink Yoga events that were held nation-wide on October 7th in conjunction with Corepower yoga, following the event through social media convinced me that I had missed out.  In this event, for the reservation fee of $10 which went to The Carey Foundation and the Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundation (two incredible breast cancer foundations), participants got a great workout, gift bag, and yoga mat. After hearing about this and being incredibly jealous of those who had already gotten to take part in these events, I got a ticket immediately when a friend sent me the link to a similar Barry’s Bootcamp and Bloomingdales event. 

Get Fit With Pink! Event

To back up, Barry’s Bootcamp is a High Intensity Interval Training boutique group fitness class that in my opinion, is the best of its kind.  Started in California in 1998, Barry’s has expanded worldwide, growing to 29 studios by the end of 2017 and opening in Atlanta on October 28th.  Barry’s prides itself on the fervor of their instructors and the dedication of their patrons.  One week before opening day, a Bloomingdales pop-up for a cause class was marketing genius and a smashing success.  Similar to the Corepower event structure, a $10-dollar admission ticket went to benefiting breast cancer research, and got attendees a great workout, gift bag, and an opportunity to win Barry’s Atlanta apparel.  

Doors opened at 10:30, and a flurry of enthusiastic, fitness apparel clad attendees rushed to prime mat spots in between the cosmetics counters to find a gift bag full of some compilation of makeup samples, Rx bars, LeCroix, or a makeup pouch.  What each bag had in common though was the free class card, a normally $32 value.  People got to mingle with the several Barry’s instructors as well as wellness blogger charged with leading the event, Ashley Dorough of House of Dorough – who will be documenting her fitness journey via Barry’s classes on her blog.

Ashley Dorough and daughter, poster picture for event

The actual workout was an hour long, accompanied by a DJ, two nstructors leading the pack, and at least six other instructors moving through the aisles of mats assisting and encouraging attendees along in the moves required of the full body workout.  Proving that you can sweat it out in the most unlikely of places, the nearly sold out event crowd was dripping and exhausted by the end. 

The event was more than successful, inspiring people to book classes for opening day before leaving and serving as a great way for the Barry’s team to interact with the Atlanta community.  With encouragement to stay and shop with Ashley afterwards, Bloomingdales also got a bang for its buck after the mats were cleared away, as well as positive media for another event to benefit breast cancer.  Events like this are becoming a trend for Bloomingdales that I foresee becoming a great, mutually beneficial norm.  I highly recommend attending the next one that pops up – and getting a ticket fast!  

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