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Best Ways to Keep Busy this Summer

With finals winding down and the year coming to a close, summer is basically here. I know that I certainly am excited to go home, relax and enjoy the warm weather. Yet, the excitement and thrill of being home might fade after the first few weeks. Maybe your job doesn’t start until early June? Don’t worry! With these easy tips, you can keep yourself entertained, busy and continue to have a great time.

Be outdoorsy!

Summer is the perfect time to explore your neighborhood, town or local county.  With the good weather, try going for a hike, talking a long walk in a nature preserve or even going boating. Even if you are not super outdoorsy, try to step out of your comfort zone a little. Spending time outdoors will also help you get your tan on!

Learn to cook

If you don’t know how to cook, now is the perfect time to learn! Even if you do know how to make some easy recipes, practice your skills and try making a meal for your family or host a dinner party for your friends. Cooking can be relaxing, fun and also a good bonding activity (with anyone!).

Binge watch a new show

Since the weather will be warm, you can sit outside in the shade and start watching a new show. Sometimes it is nice to distract your brain and get lost in Netflix. And, we all know you don’t have homework to do anymore, so why not waste some time watching a new show that you wanted to watch all semester?

Spend time with old friends

Feeling a little distant from your high school or childhood friends? Summer is a great time to reconnect. Invite some childhood friends over to recap on your year at college and catch up. Remember, old friends are often the best kind of friends.

Get a side job

While your internship may not start for a while, it never hurts to make a little extra money! Try babysitting in your neighborhood or even getting a job at a local store, restaurant or coffee shop. A little extra cash can go a long way!

Clean out your closet

After coming home from school with a plethora of new sorority shirts and Emory related clothing, you may feel like your drawers are exploding. Summer is a good time to throw out some old clothing that you never wear. Whlie getting rid of stuff may be difficult, if you do not actually wear that old sweatshirt, it could make room for some new clothes! Who doesn’t like shopping anyway?

Hopefully these tips will help you if you ever feel bored this summer and need something to do! Now, go kill your last finals so you can go home and take a well deserved break! Happy Summer! 

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