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Best Things Coming to Netflix This April

Find yourself spending an hour scrolling through Netflix, trying to find something new to watch, only to end up watching Friends yet again? Then you stumbled to the right page because here are the top 5 best features coming to Netflix in April, so make sure you clear your schedule!

1. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 1 & 2: Travel back to the early 2000’s and watch the sensational Bridget, Lena, Tibby, and Carmen experience the ups and downs of their lives all while sharing one pair of miraculous jeans. Romance, family, friendship, adventure, drama, mystery, heartbreak, these movies have it all, so it’s no wonder they’re making a third one. So, grab your best friends, pop some corn and watch these girls manage not to shrink or destroy a single pair of jeans over the course of 3 years.

2. Kevin Hart: Irresponsible: The star of hit comedies Night School, Ride Along, and Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart never fails to make anyone laugh. Come April, there will be a new addition to the stand-up comedy shows on Netflix starring the one-and-only guy who can make every situation funny so whether you’re having a bad day or just in the mood to laugh till you cry, this is the choice for you.

3. Someone Great: Starring the strong and radiant Gina Rodriguez, Someone Great is Netflix’s next best girls’ night in movie. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Gina’s character spends her little bit of time left in NYC living her best life with her girls. So, go to your closet, get your comfiest pair of pajamas or a onesie if you have one, grab all the junk food you can find, and invite all your friends to watch this new fun flick.

4. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 2: If you fell in love with the first season of this spooky throwback to the late 90’s hit Sabrina the Teenage Witch, then you’re in luck because Sabrina is back again. Whether you’re watching for nostalgia, in love with Ross Lynch, or just waiting for the Riverdale crossover, Netflix is there for you with season 2 and has already approved a third and fourth season. So, basically, you’re set for the next few years and now don’t have to be upset over Supernatural ending this year.

5. The Perfect Date: So, I obviously saved the best for last because the internet’s boyfriend is back. I repeat NOAH CENTINEO IS IN ANOTHER NETFLIX ROM-COM, AND IT LOOKS AMAZING. Ok, I need to settle down. But, The Perfect Date, previously known as The Stand In, revolves around Noah Centineo who builds an app that girls can use to hire him to stand in as their date. This movie also stars Camilla Mendes and Laura Marano to form the epic love triangle that will exist. Prepare to swoon, prepare to feel all the feels, and most importantly prepare for the internet to explode again on April 12. 

Laura is a current senior at Emory University (Class of 2020) studying psychology and linguistics. When not watching The Bachelor or teen tv dramas, Laura can be found playing tennis with her friends, sipping on her white mocha in Starbucks, or rocking out to Taylor Swift. Laura hopes to combine her love for entertainment with her love for making memories and bringing joy to people by becoming an event planner in the entertainment industry.
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