Best Late Night Eats: Emory Edition

It's that time of the night. Maybe you were out and got hungry. Or maybe you've been working all night and deserve a treat. Whatever the excuse (or genuine reason, not an excuse, you might say), the DUC is closed and you need food. We've compiled a list of the best late night eats around Emory's campus. 

Kaldi’s at The Depot (AKA Zaya’s) 

A classic late night spot for all Emory students, the Depot features a wide range of food, from baked goods to flatbreads. The Depot is open every night until 2AM. 

Eagle Convenience 

Though it closes earlier than the other suggestions on this list, Eagle Convenience has all the snacks you could ever need. Open daily until 12AM, visit this one-stop-shop for anything from Thai bubble tea to microwaveable pesto tortellini (and Oreos or chips if you want to stick with the basics).


The quintessential place for 24 hour fast food, McDonald’s never disappoints “the hangry” with burgers, chicken nuggets, fries, shakes and more. If you're feeling especially lazy, you don't even have to leave your car with the Drive-Through. 

Steak and Shake 

Walking distance from Maggie’s and a short drive from campus, visit Steak and Shake for the best burgers and milkshakes in the Emory area. 

Domino’s Pizza

Located in Emory Village, Domino's is open until 3AM every night for all of your Italian needs. Visit the restaurant or order in by phone or online for delicious pizza and cheesy bread. 

Fellini’s Pizza

Sick of ordering Domino’s every night? Visit or order in from Fellini’s for delicious late night pizza. 

Chico and Chang 

Eat at Chico and Chang for a variety of food that includes Asian dishes, Mexican meals and wings. Weird combination, great food.


Visit Kroger on 2205 Lavista Road for 24 hours of grocery shopping. Buy and snack on any and every food you might be craving. 

Waffle House 

Open 24 hours, satisfy your breakfast food needs at any time of day. All items on the menu are fantastic, but be sure to try the notorious waffles. 


End your day with a smile with a Funny Face smiling pancake at IHOP. These delicious pancakes (and more) are available 24 hours every day.