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The Best Haunted Attractions to Visit in October


All Hallow’s Eve


On the morrow,

The dead shall rise.

We live in horror

Dressed in guise.


Thy blood pulsates

As dread runs through.

And a slew of monsters

Shall come after you!


By: Yours Truly


Halloween is coming up soon!!! By soon, I mean like a few weeks from now. As a transfer, I wasn’t sure what there was to do in October. I mean, are there any haunted houses I could go to? Any fun things to do not just on Halloween but during the whole month of October? So, after some research, I found some nice places to go to. By research, I mean I went there myself to try it out. Bear in mind that I’m a scaredy-cat, so my accounts might be a little overdramatized. Out of the haunted attractions I visited, I honestly just recommend two.

                                                                                       (Copyright © 2016 Netherworld Haunted Attraction, LLC)

1. Netherworld

This was by far the best haunted attraction… EVER. The make-up was surreal, and they had costumes (which I barely noticed since I was either running for my life or closing my eyes really tightly), special effects, and moving objects. By the end of the ride, I had no voice left. So for all you thrill-seekers out there, this one is made for you! Lines can be long, depending on the day you go. If you wish to go on a Friday or Saturday, tickets can be a little more expensive, but don’t fret! They have a speed pass that lets you cut the line—something I didn’t get because, as a college student, your girl is broke—and go from haunted house to haunted house with barely any waiting in lines.

                                                                                       (Copyright © 2016 Six Flags)

2. Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Georgia

So, while Netherworld was much more professional and realistic, I had just as much fun at Fright Fest. Not only did I have haunted houses, I had all these other amazing attractions. Now, I love rollercoasters, and at Fright Fest, I not only had haunted houses, but I had ROLLERCOASTERS AS WELL. For those of you who don’t like waiting in line, you can get the VIP eperience for a couple of dollars more (bear in mind that this only goes for haunted houses; you won’t cut lines for the attractions). Out of the haunted houses there, I recommend the mummy haunted house and the one with zombies.



  • Even though everything might seem highly realistic and you’re in the middle of an adrenaline rush, please keep in mind that these are just actors, and they can’t touch you. Therefore, keep your hands to yourself to keep everyone safe.
  • Don’t run; it won’t work. I mean, unless you want to trip and potentially have a minor concussion. (These haunted houses are dark, people. Don’t run.)


  • The more you scream, the more you attract the “monsters” to you. I mean, their job is to scare people. If you scream, it’s like moths to a flame (you are the flame), and all of them will flock towards you.
  • Begging doesn’t work—believe me, I tried. They will still come towards you.
  • Acting tough doesn’t work either. It’s like they can read your mind, I tell you…

Other than that, both attractions were loads of fun! If you’re on a budget and don’t care about rollercoasters, go to the Netherworld because it’s significantly less pricey. If you go Sunday through Thursday, it will be less expensive than if you go Friday or Saturday. Same goes for Fright Fest.


Get Netherworld tickets: https://secure.interactiveticketing.com/1.12/4a5646/#/select

Get Fright Fest tickets: https://frightfest.sixflags.com/overgeorgia/

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