The Best Group Halloween Costumes

As Halloween creeps around the corner, I find myself in the same conundrum year after year: what am I going to be? Since you'll probably be spending Halloween with your best friends, why ride solo when you can do a fun best friend or group costume? Here are some easy ideas:

  1. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Put your hair in two buns, wear something tight and white, stick out your tongue, and you’ve got Miley. Don’t forget the foam finger! Your friend can dress in anything black and white stripped with a pair of aviators.

  1. Oompa Loompa

This will take some simple crafting. You'll need some white fabric to cut into strips for the suspenders. Then, lay the strips over a long sleeved brown shirt and pair the costume with a white skirt and white gloves. For the green hair, you can get a green wig or use green hair chalk!

  1. Barden Bellas

Everyone loves Pitch Perfect and the Barden Bellas are an easy costume! Throw on a white shirt, a navy pencil skirt and throw on a blazer. For the final touch, get matching yellow scarves to wear around your neck!

  1. OPI Nail Polish

This is a great costume idea because it's simple and comfy. Pair a black tank and black beanie with any colored skirt. Write “O”, “P”, “I” on the skirt, and your costume is complete!