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Back To School Survival Kit

Admit it: you like to brag. And hey, so do we! Especially when the big dogs at Her Campus Nationals throw swag our way, and definitely when that swag includes items from our favorite brands.  As we speak, the Emory HerCampus staff is being graced with a 2013 Back To School Survival Kit, complete with goodies, baddies, and Chipotle—everything this bird needs to get through the tumultuous waves of college life, and all because they appreciate our hard work and dedication to spreading Her Campus love to you, our faithful readers. All they ask in return, is that we snap a few Instas, dedicate a few tweets, and rock a few FB statuses with the hashtag #survivalkit, bragging about our Survival Kit swag and BOOM. Love don’t cost a thing, and neither does any of this stuff!!

Beverage brand Neuro is sending us cases of Neuro SONIC, a bangin’ blend of vitamins and minerals perfect for those days when you need that kick in the pants to get your day going in the right direction. So…yesterday, today, and tomorrow? Yeah.

LUNA bars for Her Campus Emory! Whether you need a snack, a mid-day boost, or late night munchies for Club Libs, Luna Bars are the healthy, fuss-free way to satisfy cravings—much cleaner and less intrusive than Zaya pasta, believe me. A lovely company, LUNA says no to guilt, deprivation, and dieting—but yes to intuitive nutrition, pleasure, quality ingredients, and chocolate. We say yes to all those things too, but especially to pleasure. And chocolate.

Poppin is a work product brand with major chutzpa, specializing in conventional office supplies with unconventional amounts of attitude. Think notebooks, gel pens (yes, gel pens), desk chairs, desks, tables, tacks, post-its, and frames (etc.) bursting with enough color and print to make you wonder if you’re still reeling from the lights at TomorrowWorld last weekend. No? Just me? Okay. Anyway, if the cute chick sitting next to you in Astronomy Lab pulls out a bright pink notebook next week, she’s obviously Her Campus, and she’s definitely Poppin’.

SK Energy is sending us SK Energy shots, because apparently we need it. Kidding! What kind of Her Campus girl needs energy shots to get through the day? Kidding again! Even this Her Campus girl knows from personal experience that those unassuming little monsters are packed with the good stuff, (sans the sugar and calories) and hold the perfect amount of punch to get you to your Friday morning classes.

Chipotle is giving Her Campus Emory Chipotle. It pains me to say that nothing gets me more revved than my customary black bean/brown rice/carnitas/The Works burrito bowl from Chipotle, especially after waking up far too late on Saturday afternoon, when I should be thinking about the work I have to do instead of rallying for the evening’s forthcoming activities.

Also, http://hotgirlseatingchipotle.wordpress.com/.

Yes, it’s a thing.

P.s. text DORM to 888222 and enter to win a catered dorm party for 40, catered by our lovers and friends at Chipotle!

Thank you, Her Campus Nationals! And thank you, Her Campus Emory readers!!!!

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