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We all know the struggle of lugging a thousand pounds of books across campus – it comes with being a college student. I’d always been too stubborn to buy a backpack and would rather stuff my books in a handbag, until I realized something: backpacks can be fashionable! There’s no reason a backpack has to break an outfit; it can make one.

If sleek and simple is your thing, try a black backpack made from a special material, like leather or snakeskin. It’ll blend in with the rest of your outfit, yet still catch an eye and be trendy.

For the ballsier fashionistas I’d recommend hunting for a bag with a different shape than a traditional backpack. Going for one with a flap close rather than a zipper can be fun, or try drawstrings!

If you, like me, are a fan of statement pieces, you can always go with a printed backpack or a pony hair one.

And backpacks are not just for school! Switch out your regular old shoulder strap purse for a double strap. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

So go out and find yourself a backpack you can love. You’ll never look at going to classes the same way again!


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