Athleisure: When Style Takes Comfort

I have never been one to coin myself a fashionista...or really anything close to it. On days that I show up to school in literally anything other than my three-quarters Lululemons, I am greeted with friends asking me what the occasion is that prompted me to deviate from my typical workout gear. However, lately, I've been getting sick of my usual Lululemon's and Saucony sneaks; there's something quite monotonous about wearing the same pair of pants with slight variations on the waistline every single day. After realizing this following three years of wearing a different version of the five pairs of leggings I own to class, I decided I would go online and do some shopping for what most people would coin as "normal" clothes. It took about three minutes for me to end up looking at workout clothes, but I soon realized I could find a compromise: there are in fact trendier options that are just as comfortable and functional as workout clothes! Here are some of my top picks...I don't claim to have an eye 

1. Bandier

Talk about fun and stand-out, am I right? This cute two-piece set is available as separate pieces, but if you're not cool enough to pull that off (like me), you can also buy just the leggings here. Definitely on the pricier side, but Chanukkah and Christmas are around the corner...why not put it on your wish list?

Source: Bandier

2.  Nordstrom x Nike 

Nordstrom has teamed up with Nike to bring a KILLER collection of both style and athletic wear. These sneakers caught my eye and I can't stop obsessing over them. Whether you're looking for something trendy like these or more functional workout clothes, this partnership has just what you're looking for. 

Source: Nordstrom

3. Sweaty Betty 

They should probably rename this store Sweaty Justine, but that's another story for another time. As winter approaches, these warm, form-fitting outfits are the perfect way to stay comfortable, warm, and workout-ready. 

Source: Sweaty Betty 

4. Target


For a less pricey option, Target has a whole section on its website dedicated to athleisure. While these leggings aren't as funky as some of the other options, they're definitely better than the typical black and help mix things up. Buy them here. Or buy two pairs  -- they're so reasonable! 

Source: Target

Whether you're sporting these clothes in class or in the gym, these options hopefully will keep you (somewhat!) stylish while still giving you the comfort you shouldn't have to sacrifice. Time for a shopping spree, anyone?