Alli Jacobs, Flywheel Representative!

Her Campus Emory (HCE): What is Flywheel? 

Alli Jacobs (AJ): Flywheel is a 45 minute indoor cycling class led by an instructor in a stadium style studio. Each bike is equipped with a “tech-pack” which displays, your current resistance, your speed, and your power output (both current and cumulative), so you know how hard your pushing yourself and how you’re doing at all points throughout the class. Within those 45 minutes, your instructor leads the way by suggesting various target resistances and speeds. Flywheel also provides a barre class called Flybarre, which is a 60 minute barre class. 

HCE: What about Flywheel intrigued you? 

AJ: I started spinning in high school at home, and I've been hooked ever since. For me, regular exercise is extremely boring, I can't get myself to stay at the gym for more than 15 minutes, just out of pure boredom. When I go to Flywheel, I’m in my own world. I get lost in the music and let the beat guide by ride. Flywheel provides a form of exercise that is fun, you don’t even realize that you’re working out until the end of the class and you're drenched in sweat. 

HCE: How does Flywheel differ from a normal workout at the gym?

AJ: Simply said, Flywheel is so much fun. Additionally, being in class, you have an instructor to set goals. While, ultimately, you control the difficulty of your ride, the upbeat music and enthusiasm of the instructor really forces you to push yourself. 




HCE: How did you become involved with Flywheel?

AJ: I applied to be a student ambassador when I heard the position was available. I was already convincing so many of my friends to try it, the title just made it more official. 


HCE: What are your responsibilities as a Flywheel representative? 

AJ: To spread the word on campus through events and get as many people as possible to go!


HCE: How can students at Emory become involved?

AJ: By creating an account here: Once signed up, contact Cassie Cresta at [email protected] for student discounts!