Abbey ('19)

Meet this week's Campus Cutie, Abbey! When she's not dropping Dooley Dollars at Kaldi's or helping SPC plan awesome events, you can catch her plié-ing around campus. Check out below for more about Abbey!

The basics:
Full Name: Abbey Kelly
Major: Pre-Business
Hometown: Boston, MA
Extracurricular Activities: Student Programing Council, Emory Admissions Digital Ambassador, and Tour Guide
Relationship Status: Single 
Greek Affiliation: Kappa Kappa Gamma
Her Campus Emory (HCE): What’s your greatest moment at Emory?
Abbey: I essentially peak at any point I am awkwardly dancing in Asbury Circle for an SPC event, but my favorite specific moment was when we covered Asbury with bubble wrap. I spent the entire afternoon dancing to 2000's throwback songs on bubble wrap and even got a mom from a tour guide group to come dance with me. (I really hope that mom's kid comes to Emory.)
HCE: What has been your biggest struggle at Emory?
Abbey: Spending all my Dooley Dollars at Kaldi's. (I have been called out by the employees on many occasions for going there more than once a day.)
HCE: What do you see yourself ideally doing after you graduate?
Abbey: Hopefully working for an advertising agency and/or pitching a start up idea on Shark Tank.
HCE: What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Abbey: I once fell down all the stairs at the WoodPEC, thought nobody noticed, and then realized an entire tae kwon do class was watching me. Another time I tripped on a LITERAL LEAF, fell over, and slid down that small hill coming down from the DUC.
HCE: What is your guilty pleasure?
Abbey: Plié-ing at different locations around campus. I have been told I have amazing achilles tendons and I can turn my feet around backwards. It's the one dance move I excel at and I feel the need to do it constantly.
HCE: Describe your ideal weekend.
Abbey: It would first involve brunch at West Egg with all my friends and minimal wait time. I would go to the Beltline and admire the aesthetics as well as pet everyone's dogs. There would probably be a Kanye West concert involved as well as exploring Atlanta coffee shops.
HCE: Who inspires you?
Abbey: This is a toss up between my parents, Tina Fey, and Doug the Pug.
HCE: What is the number one thing on your bucket list?
Abbey: To achieve something weird enough to have a TLC show produced about me.
HCE: If you could ask your future self on question, what would it be?
Abbey: Is the predicted avocado shortage a real thing? I'm pretty worried about this.