8 Stages of Preparing for Dooley's Ball, as Told by Parks and Recreation

1. Waiting...

Once recruitment is over, Spring semester means Dooley's Week. Even though it's still a little while away, you're SO curious to know who will be performing. Will it be someone awesome? Someone who's just eh? Someone you've never even heard of? The possibilities are endless! You choose to hope that an awesome artist/band/DJ will come to Emory, and you play the waiting game.

2. ...and waiting...

Dooley's Week is less than a month away. Shouldn't they have released who the artist is by now???

3. A Ray of Hope

Finally, some news. You see an SPC post in your news feed: if it gets 250 shares, they'll release the name of the artist!

4. The Reveal

FINALLY! You're so happy it's someone awesome. You totally always had faith in SPC and you pretend like you were never worried in the first place.

5. Preparation

While procrastinating, you realize you should probably hear every song this artist has ever done in order to adequately prepare for this concert. "What if I don't know one of the songs they play??" You anxiously wonder. That'll never happen, because you then start to create the ultimate Dooley's Week playlist on Spotify. (Or maybe you find a pretty great pre-made one, because let's be real, that takes time.)


6. The Big Day

Before you know it, Dooley's Ball is here and you're pumped. Time flew by while you were listening to every song that artist ever released, and now you finally get to see them in concert! You solidify your pre-Dooley's Ball plans and get ready to head out.

7. The Clothing Dilemma

You might at this point look through your closet and realize that you have no idea what to wear and/or no clothes to wear for this occasion. There are going to be a ton of people in close contact with one another (expect it to feel about 10-15 degrees warmer), so think smart: a cute lightweight outfit, small cross body bag, and closed-toed shoes (protect your toes from people stepping on you!). You scramble to get the ~perfect~ look together.

Note: this may involve borrowing from friends or even treating yourself to something new.

8. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

Now that you've finally surpassed the clothing obstacle, you are ready to spend forever waiting to get into McDonough Field, then dance the night away!