6 Reasons Why You Should Vote In This Election

The United States has one of the lowest voter turnouts of all industrialized democratic countries worldwide. We as a nation need to do better. On Election Day, every vote is significant. Here are just six of the many reasons why you should vote in this upcoming election. 


1. You are voting for more than just the president of the country.

Your vote can impact aspects of congress, local elections, and issues that can directly affect you such as reproductive laws or LGBT rights. 

2. Greater turnout rates make our democracy more representative of the country as a whole.

Many policies are left unchanged because of the number of Americans who do not even bother voting, even if they want a policy to change. Your vote has the potential to bring about the changes that a majority of the nation would like to see.

3. Despite popular belief, even a third party vote can have an impact.

Based off of the history of America’s two party system, it is likely that a third party candidate cannot win the election. However, the introduction of new ideas can significantly change the debates and issues that are brought up prior to the election.

4. We have struggled for the right to vote...it's time that we all use it!

Many Americans take their right to vote for granted, when not too long ago, large groups of people – from women to African Americans – were deprived of their right to vote. Your vote honors the many who fought for your rights.

5. Your voice deserves to be heard.

And voting is the first step in doing so. If you don’t speak up for yourself, your needs and desires, who will?

6. You can then complain about the state of our country knowing that you tried your best.

So, things are never going to be perfect. But if you vote, at least you can rest easy knowing that you personally worked to make the United States an even greater nation.

Here is to hoping that 2016 sees the highest voter turnout in American history yet!