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6 Items That Need to Be on Your Wishlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Finals are upon us and, while we all wish we were perfect students who started studying WAY earlier than necessary, our good intentions don’t always play out as we wish. Naturally, many of us are prone to procrastination, and my personal form always includes online shopping. It’s also a great way to clear your head if you need a break from studying the same material for hours on end. I have compiled a list of six items that should definitely be on your list of online shopping must-haves during your minutes, hours, or days of procrastination.


1. LNDR Squad Bra: $70

Who doesn’t love a good workout at the end of a long day spent sitting in an uncomfortable chair in the library? This bra is perfect for staying stylish yet comfy all day at the library, and then seamlessly (pun intended, as the bra is seamlessly constructed!) transitioning to your favorite workout class. The seamless construction of this bra makes it perfect for layering under your comfy library/workout clothes.


2. Gwenyth Paltrow’s It’s All Easy: $55

Gwenyth Paltrow’s newest cookbook features “delicious weekday recipes for the super-busy home cook,” and I think college students fall under that category—I know I’m always looking for recipes that aren’t too involved or time consuming. Most of these recipes are dorm- or apartment-friendly, as they don’t involve too many obscure cookware items that we don’t have readily available in our kitchens. The book has 125 recipes in it and, if you order it directly from her website (goop.com), you can even request a personalized message from Gwyneth on the title page of your book!


3. Nucifera’s The Balm: $37

This vegan balm has gained a lot of popularity recently from natural beauty minimalists, as it’s an ideal all-in-one product. The Balm is a blend of organic plant butter and oils and is ultimately whipped and then packaged so the consistency is like a luscious frosting! It can be used as a face cleanser and moisturizer, but can also be used as a daily body moisturizer that fights inflammation and cures dry and irritated skin.


4. Vanilla Beach Bikini Top & Bottoms: $24.99 for top, $24.99 for bottoms

Scallop-edged swimwear is really in right now. While most of these suits have a large price tag attached to them, this bikini top and bottom combo from Target adds up to just under $50. The high-waisted bottoms are also very on-trend right now and are sure to have a slimming effect, especially in black.


5. Wilfred Free Varlese Knit Top: $75

This textured knit top is a great replacement for your usual t-shirt, as it is sure to be just as comfy. The soft, lightweight knit top comes in a dark pink and a black hue, but my favorite is the Garden Rose GD (pink).


6. Zara Pompom Cross Body Bag: $69.90

Add some playfulness to your outfit with this fun pompom bag in black, red and white fabric. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it a versatile accessory that you can change depending on the feel of your wardrobe. The pompom details follow the edge of the foldover flap, and then continues under the flap as well, making it the perfect accessory that’s sure to pop!

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