The 6 Best Weekends To Visit Emory

When I first received my acceptance to Emory University, I bought every item within my budget at the bookstore. Before arriving on campus, I invested in a pair of elaborately hand-drawn Emory Vans. Throughout the year, I try to stay in Atlanta as often as possible.

So, yes, you can probably say that I’m a little bit obsessed with my school.

But... in case you don’t take my word for how awesome Emory is and you need a little more convincing for why you should come visit, I’ve compiled a list of the best weekends to take your trip. 

1. Darty SZN

Take advantage of Georgia’s warm weather (that lasts a lot later into the school year than in the Northeast) and get outside to one of our frats’ day parties. Plus, you get to go to sleep much earlier than if you went out at night.

2. Music Midtown

This two-day music festival features one of the most diverse and big-name lineups you’ll find nationwide.


3. Taste of Atlanta

Sample the best of Atlanta’s food and drinks at this three-day festival. Try out tons of new restaurants, watch live demos, and even participate in cooking classes.

4. Halloweekend

The weekend of Halloween is always filled with things to do. Every year, frats and bars throw fun events to celebrate the weekend. Plus, you'll likely leave with a pretty good Instagram in your costume.

5. Dooley’s Week

Centered around our lovable, skeleton mascot, Dooley, the whole week features concerts, comedians, and even the occasional cancelled class.

6. Formals

The frat formal weekends are a couple of the most anticipated weekends of the year. Girls get to make their dates artistic coolers and enjoy a weekend away from campus, but still get to be with their Emory friends. 

Come visit us at Emory soon! We may not have a football team, but I promise we're worth your time.