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5 Ways to Wear A Free T-Shirt

As with every major Emory event, Homecoming left many students with yet another free t-shirt. After only a brief period of time at Emory, you’ll likely accumulate more free t-shirts than you could ever wear to the gym or a messy outdoor community service event. Read on to find out how to turn your baggy t-shirts into cute, creative, and flattering pieces.


1. Crop Top

Turn your too-long t-shirt into a fun, swingy crop top. This project is one for the novice crafters—no sewing is required! Also, consider cutting that crewneck into a V or a boat neck.


2. Tied Tank Top

Like the previous design, this style also does not require any sewing. Simply cut off the arms of your t-shirt to make a tank. For an upgraded tank, create ties by cutting diagonally from the center to the sides and then cutting a slit up the middle.


3. Fringe

Creating fringe with your t-shirt is super fun and easy! Vary your look by making the fringes have different lengths and thicknesses. This also looks great as a tank or a boat neck.


4. Cut Outs

Try experimenting with cutouts—make hearts, trees, skulls, flowers, or your own unique design!


5. Quilt

What do you do if you have so many t-shirts that you run out of projects? Turn them into a quilt! T-shirt quilts make excellent gifts and are a wonderful way to preserve memories.

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