5 Things to Do with Your Pre-Frosh

Why Emory?

Everyone has her own reason. Some of us came here simply because we were looking to go to school with three-quarters of the northeast population; others are here because we wanted a school where everyone around us was either pre-med or a business major, like ourselves. Of course, there are also those of us that came here looking for an exciting social scene, only to be greeted by extensive social freezes on the row and long waits outside Mags at 1 AM.

But, above all, we love it. Just about now, many students once in our position are making their ways down to Emory and looking for some reasons to love it too, as they make one of the most important decisions they’ve had to face yet. Whether you have a family friend or some random girl from your high school coming to stay with you, it’s your job to show her why Emory—and why the city of Atlanta—is the place she should want to spend her next four years. Here are some tips for places to go to help your pre-frosh have the best possible visit for their trip down to the ATL.

1. Lullwater Park

Clifton Road may be a headache during rush hour, but right off of it is one of Emory’s greatest gems. Most high school students associate college with long days in the library and the long nights out that typically follow, but Lullwater is a great place to show them that there’s time for relaxation and breaks in the day, too.

2. Rise 'n' Dine

Although I come from a family where “mom’s cooking” means microwavable food, most students are pretty anxious to leave their homemade meals as they transition to college. If you’re looking to help your pre-frosh ease those fears, Rise ‘n' Dine should do the trick. The wait for a table may be long, but ultimately, the wait is worth it for the Lox Scramble or those Nutella pancakes. If that meal alone can’t sell Emory, I don’t know what will.

3. Tenth Floor of Club Libs

While the library isn’t usually on a list of the exciting places (unless you’re into the whole “let’s pretend we’re studying and actually socialize at Peets” scene that exists on the bottom floor), the tenth floor is a must for a visiting student. If last year’s construction kept you from seeing it last year, the view from the tenth floor basically gives you a full-on panorama of all of Emory’s campus. Let’s be real: we’re all suckers for those pretty red roofs.

4. Ponce City Market

Without being allowed to have a car as a freshman, many freshmen are concerned about how they’ll be able to get off campus and around Atlanta to do their normal activities. Thanks to the infamous Uber, this isn’t a problem. However, we don’t usually want to have to Uber all over the place, so Ponce City Market is the perfect one-stop shop for all your shopping and eating needs. With stores like Frye and dessert eateries like King of Pops, Ponce City Market shows off the best of the city of Atlanta. It’s a fun atmosphere with a great vibe that’ll be sure to put your pre-frosh in the right direction.

5. The Yogurt Tap

I’d be lying if I said that Yo Tap wasn’t one of the main reasons I’m always excited to return to Emory after a vacation. This homemade, natural frozen yogurt is hard to forget. I'm not saying that you should choose your school based on where the best frozen yogurt is...but, if you happen to have someone staying with you who’s making her decision that way, you’ll definitely sell them on Emory.