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5 Cute Dorm Rooms to Inspire Your Small Space

One of the most important aspects of college life is dorm life. Your tiny room with blank walls and an XL twin bed is your home now, so you might as well make it a place where you’d like to be! Here are a few pictures of some of the cutest (and most inspirational) dorm rooms I’ve come across, and hopefully they inspire you to create your own perfect atmosphere. 

I love how this student used a few simple pieces (two tapestries and some string lights) to create their cozy home. Lighting is really important in your dorm room because no one likes those huge fluorescent lights that can sometimes limit you from being able to fully relax. With string lights or a couple of dim lamps, you can turn off those unflattering lights and create a chill and relaxing ambiance. 

These people added netting, pictures, and other knick-knacks to their walls. Hanging up some of your most prized possessions like photographs or movie-stubs can really add a lot of personality to your room. Also, this covers up the large blank white wall, which no one wants to stare at all day long. 

Here is another example of a room with great string lights. This set up is perfect if you are looking for a way to brighten up your bottom bunk area. Also, lights like these can enable you to do homework in bed!

I love this bright and sunny room! If you’re lucky enough to get a window like this, it can have a huge effect on your space. I can imagine that it feels much larger than it actually is. 

Whether your style is bohemian, chic, preppy, or a mix of the three—hopefully this little collection of dorm room pictures has inspired you. Having a personal space that reflects your personality is not only great for socializing, but is also a remedy for stress. Just by adding a few touches here and there, you can turn your small cube of a room into a comfortable home for you and your friends.

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